How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean

There are some simple practices that you can instill into your household cleaning routine to help keep your hardwood floors clean. Hardwood floors are becoming more popular to homeowners because they give the house a very clean and modern look.

As a quick way to keep your hardwood floors clean, you can simply sweep the area with a soft bristled broom. Sand, lint, and other debris often find themselves scattered about hardwood floors, so a simple sweeping of the area should remove such elements and give your rooms a clean look.

Aside from sweeping your hardwood floors, you can also use a vacuum to help keep your floors clear of debris. This is an effective cleaning tool if you are often short on time. If you do plan on using a vacuum cleaner, then make sure that you use a soft brush attachment before vacuuming your hardwood floors; this will help to reduce any scratches that a regular vacuum may leave behind.

If you have area rugs or hallway runners covering your hardwood floors, then you should consider vacuuming them often as well. Debris will often become intertwined with the fibers of the rugs that run the risk of scratching your hardwood floors if the debris filters down far enough, especially if your rugs are in a high traffic area. In addition, when you are sweeping your hardwood floors, take a few moments to sweep underneath your rugs, the less debris on your floors then the less chance of accidental scratching.

It is also important that you clean up any liquid spills as soon as they happen. Hardwood flooring is essentially wood and liquid has a tendency to warp and otherwise deteriorate this type of material. While small droplets of liquid may not be too harmful to your hardwood floors, you should get into the habit of cleaning up any liquid spills immediately. If you have a large family, make sure that they are aware of the damage water can cause to hardwood floors and it really only takes a few minutes to wipe up a liquid mess. Make sure when you are cleaning up liquid spills that you are using a soft cloth, any kitchen towel should work just fine. Extremely dry and scratchy towels may damage your floors if you use them to wipe up your spills.

Not protecting your hardwood floors from your furniture could be result in unintended scratches or blemishes. At most hardware stores you can find furniture pads that can be placed underneath the legs of your couches, coffee table, end tables, and any other type of furniture that might damage your floors. This simple investment could save you and your floors a lot of grief. If you are in the habit of re-arranging your furniture often, then you should certainly consider getting furniture pads. They protect your floors and they make rearranging much easier because your furniture will be able to slide across your floor with greater ease.

Buffing and waxing your floor on occasion will also keep them clean and looking nice. Please contact the manufacturer of your hardwood flooring to learn about the correct procedure for properly buffing and waxing your floors.


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