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What to Use to Clean Mold From Cloth Patio Furniture

On a hot summer's day patio furniture can be a real godsend, an oasis of relaxation and bliss that is nothing short of heaven. Unfortunately, unsightly mold and mildew can be unwelcomed guests at the party. Left to their own devices, these growths will not only ruin a party, but your cloth patio furniture as well. When mold is present, you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible before it takes over the surface of your cushions and works its way into the padding below. Cleaning mold from cloth patio furniture isn't as hard as it sounds. With the right cleaning materials you can make your patio cushions look like new again and kill off the mold. All you need is some water, soda, lime juice and rubber gloves. Yes, cleaning cushions of mold requires a trip to the grocery store, not the home improvement store. While the cleaning materials aren't toxic, the mold can be, at least in terms of causing an allergic reaction. That's why rubber gloves are so important, to protect your hands and palms and to keep mo...


How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean

There are some simple practices that you can instill into your household cleaning routine to help keep your hardwood floors clean. Hardwood floors are becoming more popular to homeowners because they give the house a very clean and modern look. As a quick way to keep your hardwood floors clean, you can simply sweep the area with a soft bristled broom. Sand, lint, and other debris often find themselves scattered about hardwood floors, so a simple sweeping of the area should remove such elements and give your rooms a clean look. Aside from sweeping your hardwood floors, you can also use a vacuum to help keep your floors clear of debris. This is an effective cleaning tool if you are often short on time. If you do plan on using a vacuum cleaner, then make sure that you use a soft brush attachment before vacuuming your hardwood floors; this will help to reduce any scratches that a regular vacuum may leave behind. If you have area rugs or hallway runners covering your hardwood floors, then you should consider va...


Simple Tips for Cleaning Out Your Garage

Cleaning a garage is one of the most dreaded tasks of homeowners. Whether your garage is attached or unattached, it's a dirty and time-consuming task. If your garage is messy and unorganized, consider organizing it after you have moved everything out to clean. Clean out your garage at the start of the spring and fall. If you clean your garage twice away, it will help avoid heavy dirt buildup.Garage OrganizationThere are many wonderful products that can help you get your garage organized. You don't need to purchase an expensive garage organizer. Rather, head over to a big-box home improvement store in your area and purchase a few products that will work for your organizing needs. Consider plastic shelves, bins and tool organizers. Additionally, bike racks and mini-plastic sheds are very useful organizational products that are well worth the investment. Well organized and well stored bikes and lawn equipment will last longer when properly stored. Removing Oil SpotsOnce you have removed all items for your garage...


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