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Deliberate Women 
*Even "Small" Service = "Big" Results in God's Economy
*Are You Sharing Your Life?
*God Never Leaves Us Alone
*Jealousy of Little Frog Review & Giveaway
*When God Seems Far Away
*God Watches Over Us
*Life Lessons From The Loo
*Anatomy of a Girls' Weekend
*Who Are You In Christ?
*Do You Feel All Alone?
*Are You Resolute?
*For The Unseen
*The 4 Letter "F" Word
*Does Quiet Time Really Exist For Parents?
*Are You In? 
*For The Love
*He Doesn't need You, But He Does Want You
*God Uses Even Ordinary People
*30 Days. Going Dark.
*Are You Judge, Jury & Executioner?
*God, Not Your Past, Defines who You Are
*Allow Your History to Become His Legacy
*Because People Are Dying

Mon Valley Life Magazine
Forget the Joneses, April 2014

Fruitful Families
*Teaching Our Children to be Living Examples: Addressing Conflict
*Disciplining Children: Addressing the Heart and Not Just the Behavior
A Laid-Back Approach to Homeschooling

Time-Warp Wife
How To Be a Mother of Influence
5 Effective Ways to Develop Patience
When Your Spiritual Gifts Clash With Your Spouse's

Ungrind Webzine
Choosing Blessing Over Burden
Sin, Restoration, and the Church
Wait For The Morning

The Unveiled Wife
Competing With a Memory: 5 Ways to Build a Healthy Marriage When You Marry a Widower
The Better Mom
On Those Days When It All Goes Wrong

 on Fire
Session 5, Are You a Jonathan?

The Observer-Reporter Online
24 Super Easy Steps To Potty Train Your Child
Open Letter to My Younger Self

Ezine Articles
2 Rules For Being a Perfect Mom
One Stay-At-Home Mom's Reality Check-The Grass Isn't Always Greener On The Other Side
Induction Into Motherhood-Laughing At Sleepless Nights and the Naivete of First-Time Moms

Book Launch Teams:
No More Perfect Moms, Jill Savage
Women Living Well, Courtney Joseph
The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife, Darlene Schacht (Time-Warp Wife)
Team Us: Marriage Together, Ashleigh Slater
The Best Yes, Lysa TerKeurst
Messy Beautiful Love, Darlene Schacht

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