A Little About MandyP

Welcome to my world.

I am a wife and a mom of 6. Most days you will find me in my sweats with my hair in a bun. It's how I roll.

Our kids are 9, 8, 7, 5, 4 and 2; 4 boys and 2 girls.

Yes, my hands are full but so is our life. We have lots of craziness and lots of chaos in this house, but I would have it no other way (except maybe to have a nanny, full-time chef and housekeeper who work solely for the satisfaction of a job well done.)

This blog is all about my stuff --whatever that might be on any given day. Many posts are me pouring out my heart about how completely overwhelmed I feel on some days.

This blog started waaaay back in 2009 and has had its share of identity crises. I started it to write about a Bible study I was doing, which morphed into me writing about my kids (which placed me squarely in the "Mommy Blogging" genre) and then took a turn to what you see today: my faith and my everyday life wearing Christ.

Sometimes I'm funny. Sometimes I'm sad. Sometimes I'm ticked off. Sometimes I'm pertinent. Sometimes I'm not. But I will do my best to always, always be authentic.

It seems the closer I get to God and the more I learn about His grace, the more I want to step forward without the masks that so many of us wear every day. Most of us have an ideal, whether we realize it or not, and we try to fit into that ideal or paint the picture so that it looks like we do.

I am a Christian, but please don't label me as "one of those" before you get to know me. I am no better than anyone else. I don't "hate" other people regardless of their lifestyle, beliefs or any other reason. I am saved by Christ and have nothing to boast in except that alone.

I am your run-of-the mill neurotic girl who worries incessantly--at all times--about everything. Especially my kids. I try my darndest to be all things to all people-and find that most times I fail miserably at that. I am most comfortable in my sweats (or as my family calls them, our "cozies.") I used to get my hair and nails done, wear clothes with buttons, and talk about things OTHER THAN diapers, potties, and poop. My husband, Joe, and I used to actually go out on dates and speak to one another in full sentences. Now we're eating a sandwich on the go and trying to decipher what the other is saying between refereeing fights and answering our kids' 1 million questions.

Today we're livin' the life; suburban domestic bliss. I say that both tongue-in-cheek and in seriousness. Joe and I love our kids and do our best every day to love each other and hold it all together. Feel free to comment (or not). But most importantly, feel free to laugh. Laugh at us. Laugh at yourself. Join us in this carnival we call our life! Bearded ladies and cotton candy are optional.

**Are you a woman living out faith in God with purpose and diligence? Then join me at a blog I run with 5 beautiful ladies called, Deliberate Women.

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