Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Quiet Fight Between Women by Angie Tolpin - {A Review}

"The moment that we cannot see our sister the way God sees her and has created her, as a Daughter of the King, an important part of the Body of Christ with unique gifts, we have allowed the enemy to disable us as a team from fulfilling our greatest calling, to make disciples of Christ!" Angie Tolpin from a post taken from The Better Mom. (<--- This is just a glimpse into what Angie talks about in her new online course.)

Have you ever felt it?

The unspoken judgment, the sidelong glance, the whispers behind your back.

If you've ever compared yourself to another or felt less than, surely you have felt it: The quiet fight between women.

Angie Tolpin is passionate about this issue facing us in our churches today. Her heart bleeds onto the keyboard with every word she types when she talks about this insidious, yet common problem facing women. 

Why does this happen? How can we stop it? 

Angie Tolpin

Angie has taken much time to pray about, research, and flesh out an online course that leads us through identifying this issue and also knowing how to effectively deal with it. 

Angie's course--The Quiet Fight Between Women is an eight unit course that includes bite-sized videos of Angie (who understands that fitting in a study can be challenging given the busy-ness of our lives), thought-provoking questions, downloadable journal pages, and a Facebook group where we can really dig in and discuss what we are learning. 

A neat feature that I haven't seen used very often with online courses is a text accountability/encouragement feature that Angie uses as you complete different sections of the course. It was nice to know that my activity in the course was noticed. Even though I was taking the course by myself, I never felt alone.  

Angie has poured her heart into this course and into uniting women so that we can place our focus where it should be: On serving the Lord with our individual gifts and for His glory. Each unit is immersed in scripture and Biblically based. Angie has truly sought out the wisdom of the Lord to address this issue. 

This course is ideal for individuals because it's set at your own pace and has an open-ended course date. It's also great for small groups because the journal pages, discussion questions, and video sessions are provided for you.

If you are looking for a study to lead your small group through, this is it. It's meaty, it's Truth-filled, and it has the potential to change lives.

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