Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#BEMORE: A Review of Sandi Krakowski's New Amazing Book.

I "met" Sandi online about a year or so ago. Her Tweets intrigued me and kept me coming back for more. I didn't know who she was, but I knew I was drawn to her and the positive attitude she embodies. Even on social media I could feel her positivity. Also? She loves Jesus. So, not only are her words chalk-full of "feel good," they are also firmly rooted in Christ.

One night while scrolling through my Twitter feed, I replied to one of her Tweets, and to my surprise, she responded to me! If you don't know her, Sandi has over 1 million followers on her Facebook page alone. And she responded to me not only once, but twice! Her willingness to personally connect with her readers struck me. I became a regular follower of hers from that point on.

I was approached by The Fedd Agency, and asked to read and review her new book and I couldn't say "Yes!" fast enough. When I received her book, I was surprised by how small it was, but my oh is JAM PACKED with wisdom that is separated into bite-size pieces. 

Reading #BEMORE made me get so excited! With every chapter I found myself reading out loud and racing to social media to share Sandi's thoughts. Suddenly, this "little book" was HUGE! Sandi breaks down her book into five different "Parts" and each part has "Secrets." The "Parts" are as follows:

Part I: Be More...Connected to God
Part II: Be More...In Tune With Yourself
Part III: Be More...Attentive to Your Relationships
Part IV: Be More...Engaged with Your Community
Part V: Be More...Mindful of Your World

Part I was enough to hook me. Honestly. When I read the following, I couldn't share it with my ministry team of Deliberate Women fast enough:
"The greatest trick the devil is pulling off in our lives today is convincing us that we don't matter and that God is no longer relevant. Stop being vulnerable to the devil. If we were more impressed with God than we are the other things of the world, the devil would have no power.  " Sandi Krakowski, #BEMORE, p 20.
As I'm reading, I'm surprised that what Sandi is saying pertains directly to me. It's powerful and Godly and relevant. I've shared several parts of her book with others including my husband because what she says is so needed in the world today. In a time when so many are seeking their value and worth in outside sources and searching for validation in temporal things, Sandi hits the nail on the head by driving  home who we are and whose we are. It's liberating and inspiring.

God has been taking me on a crazy, albeit relatively gentle journey the past decade or so. He's ramping things up of late, and Sandi's book came at the perfect time. She isn't afraid to speak boldly for Christ. She isn't scared of offending others by speaking Truth and she does so in such a way that the reader is encouraged, not discouraged.

Another thing I like about Sandi is that she is a woman who has teetered on the brink of utter calamity. Hers is not a past full of sunshine and roses or a silver spoon. Her past includes things like poverty and assault. She chose not to listen to others who would discount her pull to #BEMORE when they said she was merely going through a phase, but instead rose above and listened to the Heavenly Father to follow where He was leading her. And today, He has led her to several multi-million dollar businesses and a calling to encourage and inspire others. And that she has!

I wholeheartedly endorse Sandi's book #BEMORE and I encourage you to get a copy for yourself.

You can find Sandi Krakowski on Facebook HERE, Twitter HERE, and her website HERE.

*I received a copy of Sandi's book #BEMORE in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 
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