Tuesday, May 19, 2015

When You're 18 and You Suffer a Miscarriage...All Alone.

This is a post in the Grieving Well With Jesus Series at Community Moms. This is my story...

Suburban Stereotype, Miscarriage, Teen Pregnancy

I imagine a girl. 

I picture strawberry blonde curls bouncing off small, rounded shoulders and a dimpled smile that lights up a room.

I envision a smattering of freckles dancing across cheeks the color of buttercream.

Sadly, all I have is my imagination. I never had the opportunity to hold my baby or to breathe in deeply the sweet scent of a child. I miscarried at 12 weeks.

The summer I turned eighteen I found out I was pregnant. I had just graduated from high school and was preparing to leave for college at the end of August. My future was wide open and I had lofty plans.

Not part of my plans? A baby.

I was a child myself and had no idea how I would be a mother. I vacillated between terrified and in shock. It all felt surreal.

Once the miscarriage began, see the rest of the story HERE
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