Monday, May 11, 2015

Study of Jonah {The Great Pursuit: When God Won't Let Us Get Away} is beginning Monday, May 18!

One week from today, the Great Pursuit Bible Study is beginning!

I have a PDF study guide/journal that you are welcome to download and print for FREE or you cab order one from me already printed and bound for $5. 

Bear in mind...this study guide is very simple. It's geared toward helping you think through things a little deeper and get some thoughts about the book of Jonah down on paper as the Lord brings them to mind. 

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The link to download a PDF copy is HERE.

Join me as we look at the book of Jonah and how surprisingly relevant it is to our culture today. 

This study is suited for you if:

  • God's ever called you to do something you were afraid to do
  • God's ever called you to do something you disagreed with
  • You ever tried to run away from God
  • You felt embittered toward people 
  • You were resentful for God's forgiveness of others who you dislike

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