Saturday, April 4, 2015

Was It All A Dream? Thoughts On Easter.

This night so many years ago was filled with restless, anxious tears and praying.

All the Disciples had scattered after Jesus was crucified and all feared for their own safety.

A mother whose heart had been torn in two, who watched her first-born be humiliated, beaten, and then savagely nailed to a cross, nursed a wounded soul beyond repair. 

Their leader, their teacher, their brother, their friend, their son...was dead. 

It was over.

I can only imagine the absolute despair they felt as they watched Him be taken down from the cross, wrapped in linen and placed in burial clothing.

As they watched the stone rolled in front of the tomb...and then watched the sun set on their broken hearts,  their futures now suddenly uncertain.

I wonder, did they sit up all night wondering if they'd imagined it all?

Did they question all they'd seen, the private conversations they'd had, all they'd experienced?

Was He a fraud?

Had he fooled them all?

Did Mary lay awake with a shattered soul, wondering if the angel had lied to her so many years ago...or if an angel had come at all?

Did she re-live every moment of His life from start to finish, struggling to remember every minute detail, every word, every memory, every second? 

Were those the longest hours of her life? Did everything in her long to go to the tomb and crawl in beside her precious son?

As Peter lay in the dark and the tears fell without mercy, guilt and shame covering him like a blanket, did he replay in his mind all three times he'd denied Christ? Did he wish with every fiber of his being that he could go back in time and do it over again?

Like ants scattered, were His disciples fearing for themselves and wondering where they were to go now? Were they lost? Lonely? Scared? Disillusioned?

Truly, this had to be their darkest hour. 

During this time...from when He was crucified until He rose again...the whole world held its breath. 

These hours were the ellipses of all time.

Can you feel it? The heavy silence, the suffocating stillness?

Can you feel the fear, the insecurity, the doubt?

The despair, the pain, the dejection?

Until...the unthinkable happened. 

Jesus...the man they'd watched die only days ago...suddenly wasn't in the tomb any longer...

{To be continued...}
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