Saturday, April 11, 2015

Grieving Well With Jesus Series: 7 Ways Grief Changed Me

Sara Shares 7 Ways Grief Changed Her Life

I received 3 phone calls on July 12, 2013. The first was from Dad, his weekly check-in from one state away. We gabbed and chuckled. I put the girls on the phone to chat with him. We parted with “I love you.” The second phone call was from my brother. Dad had collapsed. He was being rushed to the hospital. The third: “He’s gone.”
As abrupt as that, life can end.
Anyone who doesn’t fully comprehend how short life is has never had a third phone call.
Grief is universal and inevitable.
Grief is also a game changer.
Over the last year, I have discovered this to be true in many ways in my view of the world.
1.  I have put less emphasis on the material side of life. Not that I was especially materialistic to begin with, but after seeing Dad’s 62-year life reduced to figures on a court document, I just can’t deny how empty possessions are. They burn, rust, break, disappear and get sold at auction. In their place is only air.
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