Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Grieving Through Life's heartaches Series

I'm excited to be a part of this series beginning today called Grieving Through Life's Heartaches with Jesus All the Way.

This series is hosted by Lisa Brown at Me Too Moments for Moms

I hope you'll join us at Lisa's blog as she shares a different woman's story each week. My own story will be included!

Today's post:

Grieving Three Miscarriages
Our third miscarriage devastated me. I denied what was happening, and when reality came, I fell apart. I was hurt and disappointed, but also mad. So mad, I wanted everyone to know it. I wallowed in my pain and refused to be comforted.

I forced myself through the motions of life, but inside a storm was brewing. Un-reconciled pain and anger clung to the walls of my heart like hot tar. Masked behind a church-going, choir singing, Bible teaching Momma, was a soul at odds with God. One of my journal entries read,

“I am a rebellious teenager in the hands of a loving Father. The more I struggle against you, the more tightly you hold on to me. I wish you would loosen your grip just enough so I could slip through your fingers and be gone.”

Had I settled into His arms that day, I would have found peace. Instead... 

For the rest of this story click HERE.
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