Monday, December 8, 2014

God Fulfills The Dreams He Gives You

I very clearly remember watching my first Beth Moore Bible Study video. It was well over 10 years ago and I was captivated instantly. I was a young adult, still an infant in my faith, and not a regular reader of the Bible. I listened as she spoke of God in such an intimate way and heard the wisdom of the scriptures as she applied Biblical Truths from even the Old Testament to today and made it all relevant to my life. I was hooked.

I wanted what she had: an intimate relationship with God, knowledge of the Bible, and the ability to share that information with other women in a way that they understood. 

I remember saying to my husband, "I want to be a women's speaker like she is."

I knew I wanted it, but I had several things going against me already. Lucky for me, God isn't hindered by man's short-comings. The past 15 years or so have been nothing short of amazing as God has taken the desire I had (which He firmly planted there to begin with) and has taken me on an amazing journey to where I am today. And He's not done yet!

Join me at Ungrind today as I share about how God fulfills the dreams that He places on our heart. Join me by clicking HERE.

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