Monday, November 17, 2014

Should You Be Labeled "Christian"?

I read something once that has stayed with me. I forget who the author was, but their words are seared into my memory. The writer pointed out that Acts 11:26 notes that believers were first called "Christians" at Antioch. The premise, the writer pointed out, was that it was not a label coined by the Believers, but rather a label given to them by outsiders. 

The writer then went on to ask a very pointed question:

Would those looking in at your life label you as a Christian (a true follower of Christ)? 

Would your actions cause others to see that you live, act, and behave like Christ? 

Since that day, I have thought a lot about what that means. I want others to see Christ in me. I want them to see my life and heart reflect His in such a way that it's evident that I am following hard after Him. 

My sister shared something that she learned recently and it tied in so well with this thought. She was in a cemetery and came across a Latin phrase on a headstone. The English translation rolled around inside my head and wouldn't leave me alone. The phrase in English was: "Though silent, he speaks."

I wrote more about it at today. Please join me (by clicking HERE) as I write about how we can speak even though we may never utter a word. 

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