Tuesday, October 21, 2014

When You're In The Pit

Two weekends ago, I was part of an amazing, life-changing event called the What's Your Story? Women's Conference. I stood alongside 8 other ladies who shared their stories with an audience of over 100 women. It was moving, to say the least. 

As we listened, laughed, and-at times-wiped away tears, we were changed. Our hearts were softened, and the Holy Spirit moved in that sanctuary. 

One theme (of many) that stood out was that many of the speakers and attendees suffered from depression. As I listened to women bare their hearts about their experience with being in the pit, I remembered my own. I recalled lying on the floor, sobbing, unable to "pull it together" and not even being able to name what exactly was breaking me. 

I remember the helpless and hopeless feeling--the utter despair.

Today, I am over at sharing about that despair and the hope that God is there and He will see you through. I hope you will join me there by clicking HERE.

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