Monday, September 1, 2014

Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht of Time-Warp Wife-Pre-Order it Now!

3 marriages and 2 divorces have taught me a bunch. Mostly, they've taught me that marriage is hard work

I stumbled upon Darlene Schacht's blog Time-Warp Wife almost 2 years ago. 

I was captivated as I read her testimony. If you have read any of my past book reviews (like The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife) you know that I became enamored with Darlene because her testimony so closely reflected my own. 

I was blown away by how candid she was in talking about her infidelity and the way she and her husband Michael worked together to own and address the weakness in their marriage--and to fall on their knees before God and allow Him to restore it. 

Where Darlene and I wildly diverged was in that last part--falling on our knees and allowing God to restore the marriage. 

Now, almost 10 years into my third marriage, God has been working on both of us to allow Him to be the center of it all. Reading Darlene's books further reinforces that God is and should be the 3rd person in our marriage. 

Her new book Messy Beautiful Love is releasing September 16, 2014, and I am so excited to be a part of the Launch Team! I was drawn in by the title alone. Oh how I am familiar with the Messy part of love, but with God's help and by reading books like Darlene's, I am learning more about the Beautiful part. Darlene continues to drive it home how women need to run after God, and in so doing, we will also be loving and honoring our husbands. She speaks from experience and that translates beautifully.
Now is your opportunity to pre-order her book, and along with it, Thomas Nelson Publishers are including a whole bunch of goodies for you (+$50 in FREEBIES!!)

Once you've placed your order, email By giving them your receipt/order confirmation number along with the number of books you purchased, you qualify for these awesome extras (which will be emailed to you!) It may take a little time to receive your freebies, but rest assured, they will be coming!
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