Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sometimes You Just Celebrate

Sometimes I am drowning in laundry. Like...drowning.

Many days I can't lay anything made of paper on the counters for fear it will stick and be ripped to shreds.

Often I step over errant toys and rogue Legos.

I kid you not...there is usually fur on the fan blades in every room. And mildew in crevices in the bathrooms. And unknown substances that I pretend I don't see.

I always spy things that need done, and often feel like I do nothing.

But yesterday? Yesterday I must have been vicariously nesting for some preggo friends because I was a freak when it came to cleaning. I mean, I scrubbed areas of the bathrooms that I never even knew existed before. 

My tub (which I LOVE to soak in) is actually shining! (Related: I am totally grossed out that I used to soak in it in its previous condition.)

The shower?

Who knew it's actually white and not beige??

The kids' bathroom? That horrid smell I couldn't quite place? Yeah...I placed it. Who knew the trajectory of a little boy's urine can miss the pot completely and instead travel to the left, around the corner and find its way into the tiniest of cracks behind the toilet? That or they are hanging from the ceiling when they pee and now that I think of it, that isn't so far-fetched....

That funky odor that wafted from the fridge every time we opened it, nearly knocking you to your knees? Um, yeah, that would be water that was trapped beneath the crisper drawers. (Did you know that can happen? More importantly, did you know that when that happens, it freezes and smells like you're hiding a dead carcass in there??)

So, on this otherwise ordinary Wednesday I scrubbed and cleaned and wiped until things were sparkly clean. Who cares that it was only 2 rooms and the fridge. I'm celebrating!

So what that you don't have an immaculate home!

Who cares that your living room today looks more like a scene from "Hoarders" than it does a page out of Better Homes & Gardens. 

You wiped down the kitchen table? Own it!

You swept and mopped the floors? You hang a banner and break out the bubbly!

You, like me, braved your Hazmat suit and cleaned areas you will never, ever speak of again? Girl, you go ahead and put up a billboard on Main Street.

I'm cheering you on!

Some days I have it together. In fact, sometimes there are a string of days that I feel like I've got a handle on it. And then other times...I squeal with delight over the tiniest of things:

  • Scraping the nasty, congealed toothpaste off the toothbrush.

  • Wiping down the toilet in the main bathroom (Seriously, were these kids raised by wolves?)

  • Finally wiping the 10,000 hand and nose prints off the patio doors.

  • Getting a shower 2 days in a row.

So today...I am giving you permission, lady, to own it too.

Sure, sure, we all agree that we want bathed kids and clean underwear and a house that doesn't humiliate us when company drops by, but we also realize the reality of the situation is that every day isn't like that. Some days it's all we can do to piece together a meal that passes for healthy and wipe up the 7th glass of spilled milk before it hardens into a smelly, flaky crust and we lose our stuff on the kids, the husband, the dog and random-neighbor-kids-who-don't-live-here-but-it-sure-seems-like-they-do....

But I digress.

My point, friends, and I do have one, is that sometimes we just need to celebrate the little things. 

We won't always have a spotless living room. We won't always prepare a fabulous meal or scrub the floor tile to perfection. Sometimes we won't accomplish a freaking thing in the day. 

But on those days when you feel like you're running in mud, find one thing...just one..and sound the trumpet. Take out an ad in the paper. Call up a friend and brag a little. 

Last night I stepped over clean laundry that still needed put away to soak in that newly, glistening tub. I relished how the flames from the candles flickered off the now-magnificently clean surround. 

Sure, there was plenty that I didn't get done, but I made a point to acknowledge the things that I did

And instead of the usual self-deprecating list of "failures" from my day, I went ahead and gave myself a nod for the things I did well. And today, I woke up a new person. Is it life-changing? I'm not sure. But I do know that I got out of bed this morning ready to see what more I can accomplish.

Try it. 

Feel free to comment with something you got done that you're celebrating today!

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