Thursday, April 24, 2014

Coffee Time Video #2! Do The Hard Thing *Live!*

I am loving doing these Coffee Time videos!! If only because it forces me to shower more often (which makes my husband love these videos too!)

I wrote a post the other day called Do The Hard Things. You can click on the link (or watch the video) for a synopsis.  

When trying to decide what to talk about today, I flipped through my Beth Moore study (Daniel) to see if there were any nuggets that I could talk about. Of course, my workbook is LOADED with notes and "nuggets" because I always learn so much from her studies. I am currently on week 9. I flipped back to week 2 and found this written in the margins (which I wrote January 2!!) 

"God calls us to do hard things"

Wow. There you have it God obviously wanted me to talk more about Doing The Hard Thing. 

Okey dokey. So I did...

Here is the link to look at more of my friend Ebony's AMAZING jewelry pieces! --->

Here's the link to the specific necklace I was wearing today. 

Until next Thursday!! 
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