Friday, March 7, 2014

Wife After God -A Review & Giveaway!

Wife After God 30 Day Marriage Devotional written by Jennifer Smith, better knows as Unveiled Wife, is designed to draw you closer to God, and subsequently, closer to your husband. 

I'm only newly introduced to Unveiled Wife, but what I have learned through her blog posts, her Facebook posts and the daily prayers that I subscribe to, is that she is passionately seeking out God to be at the center of her marriage and she is passionate about sharing how to do that with other women. 

Each day of Jennifer's Wife After God devotional is short, poignant and to the point. Even with a husband, six children, homeschooling, and an endless to-do list, I was always able to take a moment to read that day's devotional and take in its meaning. I found it very interesting that I would read a chapter that touched directly on something I was struggling with in my life at the time, but would never have tied to affecting my marriage. Jennifer shows how God's Word ties it all together. 

Many chapters that I read, I cried my way through as I realized what Jennifer wrote was exactly what I was dealing with! I don't know that as women, we fully realize how important our job is in marriage. We are called to do some hard things at times, like forgive and support even when that is the last thing we feel like doing. Many times, we feel justified in being angry or distant or removed...and Jennifer points out that harboring those feelings only makes the problem in our marriage grow worse and the distance to continue. Building walls, Jennifer shares, is allowing pride to take over and intimacy can never thrive or survive in that kind of environment. It was very eye-opening.

Talk about taking it right between the eyes! It's no joke that I read that part the very day I was struggling with Texas-sized pride. 

Something I like about Jennifer is that she paints very clearly the relationship between husband and wife, and Christ and the church. Submission is not a word to fear, but a strength to pursue as women who graciously offer this to our husbands, and ultimately to God, as we fulfill God's design for marriage. 

One of the things I really enjoyed about this devotional is that Jennifer drives it home that we, as women, are to know to whom we belong; First and foremost, we are God's. Before we can determine who we are or who we need to be to our husband, we must first understand who we are called to be by God. 

A really neat aspect Jennifer added to this devotional that I have not seen before is the hash tag at the end of each chapter. What a great way to share what you are learning using social media! I think it's a brilliant way to initiate, continue and join in the conversation with others who are also partaking in Wife After God's Devotional.

I highly recommend this devotional! It was never preachy. Instead, Jennifer shares with us what she has learned in her own marriage and how God's Word is the ultimate example of how we should strive to be as wives. 

For more information on Wife After God 30 Day Marriage Devotional, click HERE.

Looking to purchase the book? (Which I strongly recommend for personal study or for your small group) click HERE.

Are you looking to strengthen your marriage? Are you a wife who longs to be unveiled before God and before her husband? Then this is a fantastic devotional to help you on your journey!

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