Thursday, September 12, 2013

Women Living Well, The Book!

Hi all!

I come to you a little out of breath and very, very excited about being selected to participate in the Women Living Well Book Launch!

Woo Hoo!!!!!

Women Living Well is written by Courtney Joseph of--you guessed it--Women Living Well.

If you don't remember, I met Courtney at the Women Living Well Conference this summer. I very nearly hyperventilated when she took the stage, and almost peed my pants when I actually got to meet her.

I was lucky enough to win an advanced copy of her book at the conference and then found out there was a book launch team for bloggers.

I screamed when I got the email saying I was in and I did a happy dance when I realized the excruciating minutes I spent filling out the application were not in vain. One section on the application asked what my favorite movie was.

I agonized over this for far too long. Naturally, my mind went blank and all I could think of were inappropriate titles like "Dirty Dancing" or titles that seemed like they were trying too hard like "The Passion of the Christ." "Weekend at Bernie's" actually flitted through my mind too as a homage to Rachel Green on Friends. And none of those are my actual favorite movie.

So, having a brain fart, I texted Joe and asked him what my favorite movie is.

He replied, "The Notebook?"

I said, "I've never even seen that movie."

Joe and I are *like this*. HAHA!

Anyway...his suggestion actually got me to thinking...and I chose "The Vow."

And not just because Channing Tatum is in it,

But because I LOVE the premise!

I cannot even imagine going into a coma and awakening to not remember my husband.

Or what it would be like to suddenly have a stranger profess their undying love to me.

But I DO know the feeling of looking across the table at the man who I have known for years and suddenly feel like we are speaking 2 different languages or like we are not as close as we used to be.

Changes come, life happens, kids' needs get put first and suddenly, you find yourselves playing on your iPads and iPhones during the few minutes alone you get together at night. "Down time," "me time," and "couple time" all get scrunched into the same time frame and one of us always ends up falling asleep on the couch while we watch TV and "spend time together." It doesn't take too many of those nights to dampen the flame.

So...back to Courtney's book...

I  knew I was going to love it from the get go because I already love her blog.

The first chapter alone had me. Courtney is very practical as she explains God's Word and how it applies to her life in particular and to Believers' lives in general. One thing I L O V E D was how she gave practical applications to the principals she was speaking about. For example, when she writes about fasting, she doesn't give a vague overview with scriptures referenced. Instead, she explains WHY we fast (and offers scripture to support that reasoning) as well as explaining that the hunger pains we feel during fasting serve as a reminder to pray. Every time we feel hungry and start to wish we could eat, we need to turn to God in prayer. Relying on Him and only Him to get through the hunger pangs strengthens our relationship with God and gets us on our knees before Him more often.

Then I hit chapters 4 & 5 on marriage.


Talk about the dichotomy of salivating while I'm reading; unable to get enough of her wisdom ALONG WITH having a hard time swallowing the advice she is giving as far as allowing husbands to be the head of the home and sharing ways we can be the helpmates we were intended to be.

Most 21st century, modern women would be tearing her clothing and groaning in anguish at Courtney's suggestions. Because, as Courtney says, "To a modern woman of today's culture, Christian marriages may look as though they are caught in a time warp. We cannot expect those who do not believe in God's Word to understand" (p. 68).

And it's true.

Her thoughts on marriage, underscored with scripture, are considered archaic by today's standards.

But I find the times I treat my husband with respect are the times we get along better. The times I lash out in anger are the times we are back at square 1, angry and resentful at one another.

I'm only to chapter 7 so far, but I am already learning so much from this book.

Act now and Courtney has some goodies for you!!

I hope you'll order the book. I also hope you'll check out Courtney's Blog and get to know her a little better; her bubbly personality, her giggle, and most importantly, her love for the Lord, her husband, and her family.

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