Tuesday, July 9, 2013


3 kids are napping. 3 kids are outside playing. Only 572 trips in and out, but for the moment it's peaceful.

I am doing today's Beth Moore Bible Study on James.

And today's chapter is centered around James 1:26-27.

"Pure and undefiled religion before our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world." 

And Beth's commentary went like this:

"Social consciousness beckons each of us across the board, but the ways we could respond are as varied as our holy passions. We are called to tend to the poor, but adjust your lens and see what specific opportunities make your heart jump...or maybe sink. Casting your bread upon an ocean doesn't seem to do much good, but find a clear pond and suddenly you see the fish." (Emphasis mine).

YES!!!! I was just lamenting about how I can't figure out where in the world I'm supposed to assign my efforts and attention and this cleared that up. God gives us specific talents and desires that are all geared toward His purpose for us. 

I have an affinity for children.

I know that shocks you. 

But my heart especially bleeds for those who have been abused and neglected. 

For those who have been abandoned.

For those who feel like they have no family, no one who really cares about them.

I have some things from my own past that can minister to these children and show how God can pull anything from the ashes and make it clean and new again. 


How cool to ask a question and actually have it answered. 

The past couple of months I have been introduced to the likes of Francis Chan and Jen Hatmaker, who talk about living life differently than most. They are all about going outside their comfort zones and really serving-- above and beyond what most church-goers and other self-proclaimed Christians do. Serving in tangible ways that go outside of typical thinking. Getting their hands dirty, living without creature comforts for the sake of others having daily necessities and feeling more fulfilled than ever. In short, putting their money where their mouths are.

I also dove into studies by Beth Moore. And miraculously, they have all tied together to outline a common theme that is SMACK DAB BULLSEYE for where I am in my life, right at this very, exact, specific moment.

Sure, sure, sure some will say it's coincidence or me reading too much into things. 

I say bull.

I don't believe in coincidence. 

I do believe that God speaks to us through His Word and through others. 

He's chosen to speak to me using my new BFFs Francis, Jen and Beth. ;)

(BTW...I'm open to chatting about  this over coffee sometime, new BFFs! Or potlucks, BBQs...whatever. I'm flexible!)

So...I had to share. I'm not even finished with today's chapter, but I had to drop everything and tell you all about this crazy moment when I actually had a question answered by the Big Guy. 

Take a minute and really read these sentences by Beth Moore. They resonated with me. They rattled all around my head and reverberated through my brain. It's so SPOT ON where I am right now that I can't stand it. 
More gems from Beth Moore: "God is practical. He doesn't ask us to do what doesn't matter. What seems a drop in the bucket to you is a sip from the wellspring of life to someone about to thirst to death. Let's muster the courage to ask Him to show us who to help and how. True religion is all hands on deck and heads out of the sand. The mystery is, that, there, we often find our own healing and fulfilling." (Beth Moore, James: Mercy Triumphs, p 86, emphasis mine). 

I am ready...head resolutely out of the sand. 

What about you? Are you feeling challenged to go beyond yourself or beyond what you have always done. Beyond what many would feel is "good enough"? 

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