Monday, July 1, 2013

Open Letter To My Younger Self

Me Circa 1993

Hi, Mandy

The year now is 2013.

You're married (but not to who you think--Donnie Wahlberg still doesn't know you exist, although a mild comeback in television has revived his career). You have 6 kids and you are, for all intents and purposes, extremely happy.

Yes...I said you have 6 kids.

Yes, 6.

You have lived a whole lot of life in 36 years.

You've made some mistakes.

Okay, lots of mistakes.

Some doozies.

I mean...some gargantuan mistakes.

Okay, moving on...

You've also done a few things right. ;)

I can't give you all the details because that would ruin your experience.

I will tell you however that you need to cherish every single moment you have with friends and family. Time goes by so fast. Those people you thought you'd be with forever--you aren't. Those moments you felt dragged on so slowly--gone in an instant. Those words you thought you had an eternity to say--it's now too late.

Love with your whole heart.

Live your life with immense integrity and absolute certainty that God will always take care of you.

Take chances.

Believe in yourself.

Have enough self pride and dignity to stand up for yourself and walk away when it's time.

And for the love of all that is right and good, on July 17, 2000, do NOT go commando. I don't care if your panty lines make your butt look like a road map of Washington, DC. There may or may not be an unfortunate incident that results in you mooning your place of business for no less than 20 minutes, unbeknownst to you.

Oh yes...and on a beautiful summer day in June 2013, you're going to get your kids a trampoline. You'll think it's a great idea to jump with them and, to their utter delight, you will regale them with a hearty "hurdler" jump, only to land funny, lose your balance, and fall--quite literally--flat on your face. And you will laugh so hard you won't be able to breathe for at least 8 seconds.

And you will pee your pants.

Remember I said 6 kids...

You're welcome.

And most importantly, do your absolute best to live a life of integrity and authenticity.

Forgive others.

And forgive yourself.

You won't always make the right choices.

Sometimes you'll try and other times you just won't care.

Know that God is always there, always willing to forgive, and already knew what you were going to do.

And lastly, love everyone without qualifying.


What's that?

Yes...I said 6 kids.


Future You

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