Wednesday, May 8, 2013

And Sometimes You Just Walk Away

From it all.




All the negativity.

And sometimes you have to walk away from people.

Maybe not forever.

Maybe not for a long time.

But for a while.

Until you can get yourself together, get your head on straight.

Until you can hear only the voice you should be listening to.

Even Jesus told the disciples to shake the dust from their sandals when they were not welcomed. (Matthew 10:14)

Sometimes in your effort to love and share and forgive and show grace, the other person chooses to take advantage, use, and manipulate.

At what point do you step away, take a breath and regroup?

How much of your precious energy is wisely used in a situation where you are the only party trying.

At what point does the other person's problem become your own?

When does offering support cross the line into enabling?

I don't have hard and fast answers to these questions.

I don't think they're rhetorical, but I think the answers are different based on each situation.

You can stick around and have the very life sucked out of you or you can take a break, and come back later.

At what point do we stop allowing any goodness, mercy and grace we offer from being syphoned from us?

I think it all begins and ends with prayer.

And the occasional frequent glass of wine.

Jen Hatmaker wrote a much more eloquent and impactful post about this very subject. Click HERE to read it.

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