Tuesday, April 16, 2013

That's Why There's You.

Inspired by Matthew West's song Do Something

Can't turn on the T.V.
Too afraid of what I will see.
Facebook is much worse by far
where what you post makes you a star.

This world is crumbling deeper
Selling out is by far cheaper
Than standing firm on the Word,
Not believing all you have heard.

No value placed on human lives,
Baby girls turned into wives.
Children robbed of childhoods.
We call it choice, we call it good.

In the name of diversity,
we live our lives unethically.
Where baby's lives are discounted,
simply because they're not wanted.

Bombs placed on a city street,
silence the sound of innocent feet
We cry, we rail, we shake our fist.
Did Jesus not warn us of this?

Complacency that's so much in vogue,
while evil lurks about all rogue.
We "send our prayers" but is that all?
To our knees we never fall

We cry out loud "God fix this mess!"
For our children's sake, we accept no less!
God answers back with tear-filled eyes,
"Children, I fear you bought the lies,"

"That politics can change the heart
But laws and change--so far apart
No decree or rule will end this mess
No, you must turn and then confess."

"The place where you'll finish and start
begins and ends with the heart.
You must not look down your nose
Pray for your neighbor, love your foes"

"Keep yourself free of pride
your flaws you'll no longer hide
Love the one who's full of hate
Be strong, no matter what your fate."

"The blood that's shed by evil men
is only quelled by more blood then
a life it takes to create peace
a life not filled with any ease."

"A thankless, grueling, uphill fight
is what it takes to end this plight.
My Son He died to pay the price
anything less would not suffice."

"What started up above on high
is now being fought before your eyes.
It's not with man you really war,
This battle is for so much more."

"It will take great bravery
to stand firm to the end with Me.
This is not a fight for the weak
but for those willing to speak."

We shake our heads and look around
who'll do the work, where is he found?
And as we look from left to right
Looking for who'll fight the fight

The answer comes so very clear
It is just what we all had feared
The awful job that's left to do

"My child, that is why there's you."

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