Friday, March 29, 2013

What's Rooting You?


More than just a 1970's novel.

And beyond what holds a plant in the ground and supplies it with nourishment.

Although the parallel is right on.

Just like a plant that is rooted firmly in the ground, able to brace against any wind or storm, fully nourished and thriving...what is rooting you in life?

Go with me here. It's a little deep (no pun intended).

My Facebook page is loaded on any given day with pithy, deep, philosophical posts about life. Some are nice. Some are cheeky. Some are (in my opinion) flawed and ridiculous. And some are downright dangerous.

Many choose to follow the "universe" (that term really gets on my nerves). Many follow the seat of their pants. Many follow an ethical code or the "Golden Rule". And many follow whatever fad is "in" at that time.

I have been a follower of all of those. For a long time the seat of my pants was very busy leading me from one poor decision to another. Many drunken nights, loads of bad memories, lots of wasted time and energy, lots of strained relationships, broken friendships, 3 marriages and 2 divorces later and I am just now really starting to see what should be my guide post. And how "it's my life and I'll live it how I want to" really doesn't affect just me.

Today, though, it seems like I can't get away from people's philosophies that grate on my nerves.

And, as I sat, seething every time I refreshed Facebook, I made myself sit back and relax. Chill for a sec.

I tried to examine WHY my reaction was ANGER to these viewpoints opposite of my own.

And I think what I came up with was I get MAD when someone else isn't following the rules.

In this case, God's rules.

I couldn't understand why they were championing what is so blatantly sin. And for the record, I still don't understand why people do that, but I have had some awesome, amazing, ridiculous, startling "shifts" in my thinking of late.

I have had so many things rocking my world lately that I don't even know where to start. SO maybe I'll just list them and blog about them one-by-one, so as to save you 17,000 chapters of my enlightenment.

*We can love AND be firm in our convictions. The two are NOT mutually exclusive.
*Christ died for everyone. Not just some. Not just for those who welcome Him into His life and do their best to follow His directives. Ev-uh-ry-one.
*I am far from perfect. I know--that one's a shocker.
*Everyone is invited to Christ's table. Who am I to say who should or shouldn't be there?
*I am so filled with sanctimony and self-righteousness that I don't know how my organs fit.
*God has called me to love people and share the Good News that Christ died for all of us. Changing hearts and lives is (mercifully) above my pay grade and left up to the CEO of this world.
*When you truly seek to be used, and sold-out to God and His will--and you tell Him that-- you better hold on to your hat because He will take you at your word.
*Following the path you've been put on by God will sometimes be a lonely journey. People won't always agree with or understand why you do/think/act/believe the way you do.
*When you pray to be sold-out, pray that your spouse will be too. It's no fun to be uneven in this category.
*Finally--at least for now--there is no room for fear or apprehension when you're sold-out. Despite angry comments, dubious relatives, and disenfranchised friends, it is not an option to make Truth softer, more palatable. Not to be confused with loving someone right where they are. Never confuse loving someone right where they are with making exceptions to God's Truth. This is an area where I am still furiously taking notes and studying the syllabus so I can get a better understanding.

So getting back to my intro: Roots.

What used to be mine {or what I THOUGHT were mine} and what used to hold me planted firmly in the ground were really not what I thought. My Root is God. But the the little sub-roots, if you will, were man-made laws, assumptions, and misinterpretations of the Bible that were more than likely causing more harm than good.

You know what...let's just call those "sub-roots" what they are: weeds. They were weeds. And I'm pulling them one by one because they were strangling me and my faith and my testimony to death.

It's time to put some RoundUp on their arses.

I am starting to come awake and alive. I feel like, for the very first time, I am plugged in and here.

This is gonna be a wild ride.
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