Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mama Interrupted

I'll tell you what...

I'm just a little bit tired of every time I open my mouth lately to offer my children one pearl of wisdom or another, the good Lord interrupts my listen-to-mommy-because-she-has-it-all-figured-out speech to teach me a lesson.

I mean, talk about rude. It totally derails my train of thought and knocks the wind right out of my holier-than-thou sails.

Yesterday the kids were plying me with request after request. I swear, sometimes they act like they've never received a toy or a snack or a MEAL in their lives.

It was about the 5th time E asked me for something that I'd had it. Lucky for her, I have a soapbox I keep handy for just such occasions.

I hopped up on it and began..."Four Score and Seven years Ago..."

No...wrong speech.

"'re always so busy asking me for things that you never give me the opportunity to surprise you with anything. I was just about to give you [whatever it was she asked for at the time], but you asked me for it before I could even get it for you. You're always so busy asking that you don't allow me the opportunity to be generous..."

It was right about there when I felt God whispering to my heart.

And I literally stopped talking and thought about what I felt God was trying to say to me.

How many times do I beat God to the punch? How many times do I ask and ask and ask, without allowing God the opportunity to be generous with me. And then I wondered if He felt anything like I do when my kids hound me.

I know they don't intend to be naughty--they're just kids. They want something, so they ask. It's that simple.

But it drives me batty. I feel resentful sometimes when I am just about to offer them a treat and they--with their uncanny blood-hound like senses--start begging me for one. It makes me so annoyed that I don't even want to give them the daggone treat anymore.

Does God feel that way with me? Does he ever wish I'd just sit down and button my lip for 5 minutes so He could surprise me with something special??

Wouldn't it feel better to be given something with joy than to ask and receive it with annoyance??

Thankfully, I know God has faaaaaaaaaar greater patience than I do. So I'm not sure He gets annoyed as easily as I do.


But I many times I have burned up His Holy phone line asking for things He already had in store for me, things I never gave Him the opportunity to be generous with.

What's that you say? God already knows what I'm going to ask for before I ask?

Don't interrupt my object lesson with details, m'kay?

My point...I want to be more patient to see what God has in store for me and less impulsive for what I want. I want to offer more thanksgiving and take more time to really give some heartfelt gratitude for what I have already been blessed with.

And darn it all if I wouldn't be more grateful for the Lord to stop interrupting my lectures to give me one of His own. ;)
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