Friday, February 22, 2013

When It Rains, It Pours

Do you remember how we just moved? And how we have our previous house on the market?

Well, I got a phone call from Joe yesterday morning and I heard panic in his voice. Pure, unadulterated panic.

All he could say, almost in a whisper, was "There's water everywhere. Everywhere. I don't know what to do."

I could actually hear water spraying in the background.

On a lark, he decided to stop at the old house on his way to work and this is what he found:

That's the basement bathroom. You can't see it so well, but there is about 2 inches of standing water on the floor. That "shine" on the carpet? I wish I could say it was my flash. It's also water. And lots of it. 

There was so much water, the carpet actually moved in waves when you walked across it. I've never seen anything like it. 

Our kitchen. This picture doesn't really capture the devastation. The thing in the sink is the light that used to hang up above on the bulkhead. That fell at some point, along with some insulation, but oddly didn't break. The mural up above was painted by a friend a few years ago and was designed by her specially for me. 

These cabinet doors were lovingly fashioned by my brother-in-law and installed after months of measuring and making them, and driving from 2 hours away just to install. 

This is the kitchen floor. I wish I could say that glossy sheen is from several coats of poly, but it's what's left of the water that was sitting on top. The rest of it has seeped in between and underneath the hardwoods. 

Here's another shot of the sink and the light that used to hang above it. 

There really are no words. I held it together until I heard the restoration guy talking on the phone to his co-worker. He was listing off all the demo they were going to have to do.

*Kitchen cabinets are coming down
*The beadboard that we lovingly installed a year and a half ago is coming off
*The hardwoods may not be able to be saved. They are original to the house and Joe and I spent YEARS removing and scraping off layers of vinyl and tar to reclaim and refinish them. Years. On our hands and knees. Back breaking work.
*The carpeting in the basement is done.
*They will have to cut into the wall from 2 feet above the ground and pull out the insulation to see how wet it is.
*The ceiling is also coming down in the basement.

The basement was refinished about 8 years ago by the previous owners. It was easily one of our favorite rooms. It had dry-walled ceilings with pot lights and a faux finish on the walls with chair rail. Someone took a lot of time and pride in their work.

I know that we were planning to sell this house anyway, but to see it destroyed like this made us feel guilty. Like we had let it down or something. I actually verbalized an apology to the house. I had visions of handing it off to a family who would love it and make memories in it like we had. To someone who might look at all the work Joe and I had done and admire it. Add to it.

We scrimped and saved and sweated and argued for the 7 years we lived there to get the kitchen to what we wanted. It was a sacrifice of time and money.

But today it was ripped down and thrown into a dumpster.

And the kicker is we don't think the insurance company will cover the restoration or the remodel.

That's a long story which I don't want to get into here right now, but I keep telling myself there has to be a lesson in all of this somewhere. Right?

Thankfully we aren't [supposed to be] tied to "things" on this earth.

I keep telling myself that, but knowing we STILL have a mortgage on this house and the soonest it could be back on the market is 6 weeks makes me sick. And angry.

This could all have been avoided.

And I'm really, really trying to get the positives out of this that I can. Our kids are safe and healthy. It didn't happen while we lived there and it's not our main dwelling.

HOWEVER it still royally sucks.

So this is not the uplifting post I wish it was. It's just a rant. I hope some time from now I can look back and see where God's hand was in all of this. Hopefully it will be while I'm carrying a large check from the insurance company.

Prayers are always welcomed. If you see fit, please pray most of all for our peace of mind and that we will trust God to take care of us. I KNOW He's just when you're in the midst of something awful, it doesn't always feel that way.

Thank you in advance for any words offered on our behalf.
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