Monday, December 31, 2012

No More Perfect Moms

If there is one thing I strive to be in this life, it's *real*. Genuine. Transparent.

That's so much easier said than done.

While I might be open about being a hot mess; wearing my clothes from yesterday as pajamas and then again the next day, having toys and food all over the house, the truth is...I would be embarrassed for anyone to actually see me like that. One time a friend and her husband dropped by for an unexpected visit. I almost died.

I greeted them at the door wearing cropped, stained sweat pants, shin high teal hospital socks (with safety treads on the bottom and all), a dirty sweatshirt, my greasy, unwashed hair thrown up in a bun, no makeup, pasty skin, and a look of horror on my face. That's right--take a moment to let that visual fully take shape. My kids had toys ALL OVER the house. Breakfast dishes were still all over the dining room table and I'm sure someone had poop in their diaper...

I was mortified. And while I know my friend really didn't care, I CARED.

It's one thing for me to joke about it or blog about it...but to have someone actually SEE that I am far from perfect was really disturbing.

Just recently I was chosen to be part of a Launch Team for Jill Savage's book "No More Perfect Moms". I am 2 chapters in and so far I love it. I'm convinced Jill had a secret camera crew inside my house...inside my head! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that she starts off by saying, "Let's just get rid of all the masks we wear as moms." I'm paraphrasing that. :)

I've blogged about it before...feeling inadequate and annoyed by Facebook updates that read like a Martha Stewart ad. Pinterest pins of " a little something" whipped up in a mom's free time that I could never complete even with training or help. Too many times I feel less than because I compare myself to someone else. And I forget that I am comparing myself to the image that others portray of themselves. Not necessarily to who they really are on the inside.

Do you do the same thing? Do you feel like you'll vomit or put your fist through your laptop screen if you see one more post of someone's perfect, homemade Halloween costume, a perfect dinner, a size 4 outfit 2 weeks after delivering a baby? Well don't. It's honestly not worth it.

Instead, remind yourself that we don't always get the "whole" picture...we don't always see that the mom whose picture we are obsessing over or feeling bad about is often only showing us a tiny piece of the puzzle. There is far more to that woman than we see.

I'm excited to finish this book and give you some opportunities to connect with other moms who feel the same way we do. Today is New Year's Eve. I have already committed to a  30 day black out from the Internet, Facebook and Twitter included. I may sneak back on here just to give you more info on this book, but that's it.

If you want to turn a corner and stop feeling like you'll never be able to attain *perfect*--that elusive gold star--sign up here for Jill's "No More Perfect Moms" 31-Day Email Challenge. I'm signed up, ready to start feeding my brain some positive info-- some good stuff rather than all that stuff that tears me down and worries the crap out of me.

If you're excited to check this book out, you can do so...but not until February. In fact, if you wait until February 4-9 to order, you get some added goodies. :) Hearts at Home (a community that I belong to) and Moody Publishers are adding +$100 of bonus resources if you wait to order. It sounds weird to say it, but please WAIT to order until then! :) Click HERE to sign up to receive a reminder to order between Feb 4-9, 2013.

Would you like to take a look at some of the other awesome things going on with Jill and Hearts at Home? Click HERE. It's a great theme...moms don't have to...and shouldn't pretend perfect! We aren't and never will be. But we also aren't ALONE in that. We can encourage and build one another up along this bumpy road of motherhood.

A pdf version of Jill's book "No More Perfect Moms" was provided to me for this Launch. You can follow along with me by coming back here often and following me on Facebook or Twitter.
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