Monday, June 11, 2012

T Minus 33 Days

The countdown is on.

I am >5 weeks out from D(elivery) Day.

Actually >4 weeks.

My doc will induce me at 39 weeks. :)

It doesn't matter how many times I've done this...I am still terrified of labor and delivery.

More specifically of the loooooooooong needle used for the epidural.

Don't get the epidural, you say? Go natural, you suggest?


(That's me belly laughing.)

You see, I've gotten the epidural all 5 times and that marks the point when I can finally relax and enjoy the show...even though I am the show.

From the moment that tube is taped up my back, I dilate like nobody's business. I chit chat with the staff, laugh, crack jokes, text/Facebook updates and flip through some magazines.

It's my favorite part of delivery. :)

In other news...My nesting has been kicking in like gang busters.

I scrubbed the bathroom today. I can't tell you how "awesome" it was to squat and reach to clean behind the toilet with my big belly and what could qualify as a science experiment in my face. Whoever decided putting the commode in the CORNER of the room was the thing to do should be beaten.

Life with 3 boys who use the toilet and one girl who misses more than the boys is pretty disgusting.

If we ever go missing and you need to gather some of our DNA, don't bother with hair or tooth brushes. Go right for the floor around the john. Puh-lenty on hand there.

I've been having contractions quite a bit lately. I had forgotten how frustrating this stage of pregnancy is. Every twinge and cramp makes me wonder if *this is it*.

At night I'm awakened with contractions and wonder if I'll be at the hospital in a few hours. It's not like I can sleep very well anyway at this point, but now it's really tough.

As far as putting our house on the market, we have been killing ourselves to de-clutter, clean and get the house show ready. That's such a funny concept when you have kids.

I swear I could clean all day, every day (and actually...I think I DO) and it STILL would not be show ready. There will always be things that need done.

We're still planning to see what happens with selling it, but we won't be heart broken if we have to stay in a house we love for a while longer--especially with a new member of the family coming to visit soon. ;)

So that's us in a nutshell of late. What about you? What's shakin'?
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