Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Little Slice of Heaven

I posted a picture of our deck on Facebook (personal page) a couple of weeks ago and it got some really nice comments. It made me realize just how much I love our back yard and all the changes we've made to it lately.

I don't know why we got the wild hair up our butts that we did, but this spring and summer we have decided to really make over our back yard.

I always get inspiration from visiting other people's spaces and after being at a friend's house and seeing how they transported their patio to a beautiful retreat, I was excited to try it on my own.

Last summer we scored some wicker patio furniture from a friend for $100. It included a love seat, 2 chairs, a table and a plant holder + cushions to boot.

We looked long and hard at our old rectangular patio table and chairs and decided that we needed something different to fit our ever-growing family. For one, we keep adding kids year after year :), for another, we moved the table off the deck and onto the brick patio, so we lost some space. We literally had people backing their chairs up and falling off the bricks. As funny as that is, (What?! you wouldn't have laughed??) it was too dangerous.

I got a picture in my mind and dragged Joe all over creation to find a round table withOUT The tempered glass that always freaked me out. I was SURE one of the kids would lean on it too hard and cut their arms off.

It could happen.

Then...we decided we wanted a fire pit for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs during the summer.

We also scored one of those for pretty cheap. I can't for the life of me remember where??

So....all that to say, here is what our back yard used to look like:

And now it looks like this:

And here are 652 additional photos of the back yard and what it looks like now. :)

And then we scored this awesome chest that we use as a coffee table and storage from a friend for FREE. I LOVE it!

So while we may not have the biggest yard around, we've tried to make every square inch count. And it's still just enough room for the kids to play softball and kickball or soccer. For now it works. :)

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