Monday, June 18, 2012

False Alarm!

Yesterday was fun.

It was Father's Day and we got to surprise Joe with this:

I left room at the bottom for the newest little guy. I got inspiration to do this from Pinterest. 

The inspiration picture is this:

Then we headed off to a pool party with Joe's family. The kids were beside themselves excited to swim. 

I was beside myself mortified at the idea of being in a bathing suit in front of everyone, and worried about my kids drowning.

On the way there, we made a pit stop at Target to get swim trunks for Joe and we also picked up an outfit for the baby to come home in. Somehow, despite 700 trips into the attic recently, we still haven't yet uncovered any newborn boy stuff we've saved. 

And then...back in the car...I SWORE my water broke. I mean...not to be too graphic... but dripped down my leg "broke." 

We got to Leanne's (Joe's sister), said a quick hello, I called the doctor who told me to go to the hospital, kissed the kids, cried for 5 minutes because I was nervous to leave them at the pool without me, and then we were off. 

And this is the funny part...we traded cars with Joe's parents so they could keep our van for all the kids.

Here's what we sported on our 40 minute drive to the hospital. :)

Bwahahahahahahaha! Clearly, you can see that my BELLY is bigger than the DOOR!!

So, Joe shoe horned me in and out, we dashed into the ER, where we were treated like royalty. They immediately got me a wheelchair, whisked me up to Labor & Delivery (after smiles and "good lucks" from all in the ER (staff and visitors alike), I got all suited up in my gown, situated in my bed, made the obligatory "This is it!" calls to fam...

And then the doctor came in, examined me and told me I had peed my pants. 

Do you know how freakin' embarrassing that is?

I am mortified. Still. 

I had contractions all the night before, I was having them that day along with pressure and low back pain all day...Surely this was it.

And since I'm only 36 weeks, they wouldn't help me along by breaking my water. :( That doesn't happen until 39 weeks. 

Joe and I laughed later that it was like a scene from a comedy when the nurse tore off the paper from the baby's heart monitor, crinkled it up and then shut the machine off. It was like, "Show's over. Hasta La Vista..." 

And then we did the Walk of Shame....

All those people who had, just an hour earlier, wished us well and smiled encouragingly at us now saw us leaving, still just as big and pregnant and with my bag all packed. 

So disappointing. 

But....I wouldn't want him to come before he's ready. He is still pretty little at this stage. 

And last night I got the best sleep of my LIFE...I swear...I slept almost through the night and did NOT get up to pee ONCE. I average 3-5 trips to the loo a night usually, so to stay in bed all night was a miracle. Not to mention there was no pain and discomfort when I got out of bed this morning. 

Instead of sitting on the edge of the bed, psyching myself up for standing and then hobbling and limping for the first few steps while my hips unlock, I nearly bounded out of free and agile as a gazelle. 

Okay maybe not so much like a gazelle, but with little stumbling. 

So, if a false alarm yields me even one day minus the horrible discomfort that I've had the past few months, I'll take it!

Besides....I'm thinking this could be just the calm before the storm. ;)

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