Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cleanin' House

I wish I could say I haven't blogged lately because we've been on some fabulous vacation. Or even some mediocre vacation.

Or even some crappy vacation.

Truth is, living life has been kicking my butt lately.

I've hit 32 weeks pregnant and I look about 132 weeks.


I appreciate the well wishers who say I don't look "big." They mean well.

But truly, I should have my own zip code.

There has been so much transition here lately.

School is wrapping up for the year. I meet that with mixed emotions. Excited that the kids get a break but acknowledge that they will be home 24/7 now. Things always get tense here when everyone is cooped up on top of each other all day, every day.

And Joe and I have made the monumental decision to put our house on the market.

After 6 years of living here, and this being the only home our kids have ever known, we made the decision to pull the trigger.

Yes, we LOVE our house. We have put a lot of love, time, sweat and tears into it.

We had plans and dreams to do more, but then we got a swift kick in the pants that clinched it for us.

Our neighborhood is changing. It's losing some of its suburban, neighborhood-y, family feeling and taking on more of a feeling we don't love.

Now instead of worrying about the millions of things I always worry about, I have some new fears added and it's just not worth it.

So...this weekend we are having a ginormous garage sale in preparation for staging the house to list.

It's been freeing to see piles of crap that I know is leaving.

I've read about how getting rid of clutter and junk can free you emotionally and mentally. It's true!

I shook my head as I cleaned out my closet and looked at shoes that were missing their insoles or literally had layers of dust from not being worn in years. I came across a high school track t-shirt that I couldn't part with for some reason.

Broken purses that I told myself I'd have repaired, "onesie" socks that will never find their mates, pants that haven't fit me since 4th grade, sports bras I think I wore in junior high...

And-awesome of awesome-I FINALLY found my FAVE maternity shirt. It's purple and says, "Touch the belly, Lose a hand." Love. It.

This weekend is a major decrapification of the entire house. I'm not sure how we're going to do it with all the kids under foot, but we're determined.

This should be a bang up garage sale. Our trash could be someone else's treasure. :)

Looking for a house? Give me a call. We may have just the thing for you! ;)

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