Monday, April 23, 2012

Mixin' It Up In Here

The past week could have been a real downer:

Rainy, cold weather.
A midnight trip to the ER.
A hormonal roller coaster ride that ended in a huge fight with Joe.

But instead of writing about any of those things (at least for now) I choose to write about some amazing furniture scores I got from a friend.

When I'm stressed, I tend to either clean or decorate. So, this generous friend stepped in at just the right time. :)

Here is how our dining room looked only days ago:

That china cabinet was gifted to me and used to be a yellow and cream color, painted in French country style. I liked it and we've had it for 7 years. I painted it black to match our dining room table and chairs and patted myself on the back for saving us money.

Joe just recently told me he hates it. And has always hated it???

Last week, a friend told me she has a ton of things she wants to get rid of because her family is moving cross-country. The price was exactly in my budget. :)

Joe and I drove over and picked out some AWESOME pieces of furniture. It was too cool. What a great friend!

One of the things I fell in love with was a set of Ikea Epedit Shelves.

I immediately thought "Office" but when we got home, we measured, and...alas. The walls in the office were too small.

Then we threw around the idea of putting them in the living room. Picture it right where those open shelves are, to the right of the arched doorway.

I don't know if you've noticed, but my style in the living room tends to be more on the traditional side. So.............I wasn't sold on putting something more contemporary in there.

But I knew I wanted these shelves! Come heck or high water, I was going to make these work somewhere in this house...even if it killed Joe. ;)

I had a brain storm and decided...let's try them out in the dining room.

And here's what we ended up with. apologies for the crappy pic quality. Some day I will have a fab camera that takes pictures like the ones in magazine spreads.

Joe LOVES it. And so do I. I was afraid of going from the really traditional china cabinet to this much more modern one, but it works. The bottom 2 rows will have pretty baskets that we can store our junk in. And that our kids won't break like the crystal up above. Well, that's our theory.  ;)

Baskets like this from Target.
So, for now, that helped ease my foul mood and raging hormones. Thanks to my friend Laura. :)

And Joe...truth be told, he did most of the heavy lifting. ;)
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