Thursday, March 29, 2012

ISO...Compassion...And For Pete's Sake, Sound Judgment

Man. Is my thinking way off the grid.

I swear there is less compassion in the world every day.

Or am I just the odd man out? Maybe I'm TOO compassionate?

Is that possible? To care too much?

I posted yesterday about some things in the news. One of them was a middle school student with epilepsy who was stomped on--on his head and other parts of his body--repeatedly by an "ex best friend."

The reason? The boy with epilepsy apparently [so it's been heard through other sources--not sure how credible] was heard saying he beat his friend in a wrestling match.

That's it. He was talking trash.

And the beating that resulted (and some are actually justifying) is this:

Click HERE for a video clip of the news piece along with cell phone video of the beating. Careful, it's not meant for little eyes.

And click HERE for the other boy's side.

Someone actually commented that we should be careful what we 'ask for' and that the boy who was beaten "pushed the other boy to his limit."


Where does that end? What's the line? What if someone is unstable or just plain having a bad day and his limit is [what he perceives to be] a dirty look?

If you watched the clip, you know that the "best friend" was well aware that one blow to the head could be fatal to this boy. So there was not one but many, many repeated blows to his head. Jumping into the air and using all of his weight.

I'm not sure how someone can say that and use that line of reasoning, but then quickly follow up with "but I'm not saying it was right..."

Um...yes you are.

And it's because of THAT kind of mentality that our "kids" don't think about the repercussions to their actions. Or--more frighteningly--don't care about the repercussions to their actions.

Please tell me you're also outraged by that video. By other things in this world where we make excuses for people being cruel.

Truthfully, does it matter what this boy SAID about the other boy? Are we going to equate hurtful or angry words with a near fatal beating that was cheered on by others? And videoed?

Was this boy running his mouth and stirring up trouble? No clue. Don't care. Doesn't matter.

If we follow this slippery slope of reasoning, there will be no governing what someone's "limit" is and what is justifiable. The next thing you know I'll be slugging it out with the idiot who cut me off in traffic or breaking a beer bottle over someone's head simply because they pushed me to my "limit."

And do you know how many times a day that could happen? My limit is pretty low. Some days, especially now with all these hormones, my limit can be breached just by chewing too loudly.
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