Friday, February 17, 2012

Ignorant People Of The World Unite!

Hot topic today: Irritating/Rude People

How do you handle them?

It is inevitable that you will encounter them. After all, with so many billions of people on the planet--all with different backgrounds and beliefs, how could you NOT encounter someone daily who rubs you the wrong way?

Sometimes it's just annoying. The person/people haven't really done anything to offend you, they are just annoying. To you. Maybe it's the way they raise their kids, their beliefs, their annoying status updates, the way they mispronounce words or use poor grammar.

Sometimes you encounter someone who's had a bad day and you're the lucky one who gets the brunt of it. Perhaps they are terrific on a daily basis, but you are in their world at exactly the wrong time.

And then....then there are those who you get along with mostly, but maybe they have a tendency to fly off the handle, have knee-jerk reactions, or blow things all out of proportion. But because 85% of the time you like them, you tend to look past the other 15% of the time when they are complete idiots.

Of course, there are those who are always ignorant. Their opinion is right. They have no governor on their tongues and they really couldn't care less about how their words and actions make you feel.

I think I have encountered ALL of these "types" this week alone.

How do you handle it? What's your go-to resource for handling these less-than-pleasant interactions?

Do you say what you are thinking, feeling at that exact moment? Do you take 5 and collect yourself so you don't "sink to their level"? Do you have a snappy zinger that let's them get the point?

I am conflicted about how to handle these types of people. I had one ignorant lady yesterday offer her unsolicited opinion about the size of my family. I had 500 scenarios run through my mind in about point 2 seconds. I chose the "We're very blessed and think it's fantastic" route, but I so wanted to give her a STFU and mind your own business. Or offer up a "Has anyone had a talk with you about how ugly you are?" in response to her "Has anyone sat down and had a talk with you" concerning the fact that we are pregnant again.

Mature, I know. I didn't succumb to that desire. For some reason, I am still a little shocked when people are so bold, so free with their cutting remarks and unsolicited opinions.

Since I wasn't offering her fashion advice (in response to her dirty hair and decision to wear what were clearly pajamas to the doctor's office) I don't want or expect her parenting advice.

What about those who JUST get it wrong when they say things to you? Maybe you're sharing some news and they completely turn it around and say something that has no place in the conversation? It's as if their response was to something someone else said. You look around wondering who the heck they're talking to. You want to repeat  yourself because clearly they didn't hear what you just said. Do you know someone like that?

How about the vague Status Update that is clearly aimed at SOMEONE but it's not identified to whom? Does your paranoia kick in and you wonder if it's YOU they're passive aggressively talking to? Perhaps this is the person referenced above who is famous for flying off the handle and prone to knee-jerk reactions.

Is it just me?????

How do you handle these people? I am actively seeking your feedback.
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