Saturday, February 18, 2012

Getting My Panties Out Of A Bunch

There is nothing quite as refreshing --and sometimes frustrating--as a change of perspective.

Yesterday I yammered on about ignorant people. I railed.

The past few...I don't know...years?? I have felt so hateful.

This is the beautiful face my husband, my kids, and the general public have been so wonderfully graced with the past few weeks.

Hot right?

I know...JUST the thing the husband wants to come home to after a hard day at work.

And exactly what my kids are looking for when they seek out safety and refuge.

And what an inspiring and compassionate individual I come across as, right?


I suck.

Here's what I WANT to look like all the time.

I want to look (and feel) happy and pleasant. I want to be approachable and not invoke fear in the hearts of small children.

I want my husband to arise and call me blessed. Instead, I think lately he's been calling me something else. Somethin' I ain't gonna put here. And rightfully so.

I have hated everybody lately. Everybody.

Relative. Hated you.
Friend. Hated you.
Stranger. Hated you.
Enemy. Really Hated you.

And all that hate just bubbled up and boiled over inside me and 1) caused my poor little guy inside to churn and swim around in it, 2) only served to make me feel worse and did NOTHING to the people who were irritating me and 3) gave me major heart burn.

So you was all for naught.

But I didn't know how to turn it off.

How much was my crazy pregnancy hormones and how much was me being a selfish, spoiled brat?

Hmmmmm. Don't answer that.

Point is.....I need to get under control for my sanity, for my marriage and for my kids.

Sure those obnoxious people who annoy the bejewels out of me will STILL be there tomorrow, doing all they do to annoy me, BUT I don't have to feed into it or let them have any of my energy.

Easier said than done, True.

I'm all for a magic bullet kind of "fix" but I have a feeling this kind of fix is lengthy, takes some patience on my part (ugh), and probably involves copious amounts of prayer and time in the Word.


All so very easy in theory and so very hard in practice.

So I'm not here to say, "Ta da! I'm all better" while whistling a jaunty tune and tossing my top hat into the air, buuuut I AM here to say that I recognize the change starts with ME. Not with anyone else.

As much as I WISH it started with you all... HAHA. Just kiddin'


I don't want those awful frown lines etched permanently into my face. The "crow's feet" wrinkles that come from smiling too much? Those I can live with.

I want people to see me and think of me as kind, compassionate, and most importantly, I want that to be TRUE!

I don't want to dwell on all the ridiculous people in this world who grate on my every last nerve.

Like the ones who take advantage or expect someone else to always get them out of a jam, or who are incredibly immature, or who are irresponsible, know-it-all....

*Ahem* I digress.

In conclusion...I can't control anyone else. No matter how much I may want to or how much I try.

I can only (sometimes) control myself. :)

And I will try from this moment on.

Let's hope we've seen the last of Cruella DeVille, sans white streak.

Let's hope we see MORE of this gal:

I wouldn't mind seeing more of that handsome guy either. ;)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ignorant People Of The World Unite!

Hot topic today: Irritating/Rude People

How do you handle them?

It is inevitable that you will encounter them. After all, with so many billions of people on the planet--all with different backgrounds and beliefs, how could you NOT encounter someone daily who rubs you the wrong way?

Sometimes it's just annoying. The person/people haven't really done anything to offend you, they are just annoying. To you. Maybe it's the way they raise their kids, their beliefs, their annoying status updates, the way they mispronounce words or use poor grammar.

Sometimes you encounter someone who's had a bad day and you're the lucky one who gets the brunt of it. Perhaps they are terrific on a daily basis, but you are in their world at exactly the wrong time.

And then....then there are those who you get along with mostly, but maybe they have a tendency to fly off the handle, have knee-jerk reactions, or blow things all out of proportion. But because 85% of the time you like them, you tend to look past the other 15% of the time when they are complete idiots.

Of course, there are those who are always ignorant. Their opinion is right. They have no governor on their tongues and they really couldn't care less about how their words and actions make you feel.

I think I have encountered ALL of these "types" this week alone.

How do you handle it? What's your go-to resource for handling these less-than-pleasant interactions?

Do you say what you are thinking, feeling at that exact moment? Do you take 5 and collect yourself so you don't "sink to their level"? Do you have a snappy zinger that let's them get the point?

I am conflicted about how to handle these types of people. I had one ignorant lady yesterday offer her unsolicited opinion about the size of my family. I had 500 scenarios run through my mind in about point 2 seconds. I chose the "We're very blessed and think it's fantastic" route, but I so wanted to give her a STFU and mind your own business. Or offer up a "Has anyone had a talk with you about how ugly you are?" in response to her "Has anyone sat down and had a talk with you" concerning the fact that we are pregnant again.

Mature, I know. I didn't succumb to that desire. For some reason, I am still a little shocked when people are so bold, so free with their cutting remarks and unsolicited opinions.

Since I wasn't offering her fashion advice (in response to her dirty hair and decision to wear what were clearly pajamas to the doctor's office) I don't want or expect her parenting advice.

What about those who JUST get it wrong when they say things to you? Maybe you're sharing some news and they completely turn it around and say something that has no place in the conversation? It's as if their response was to something someone else said. You look around wondering who the heck they're talking to. You want to repeat  yourself because clearly they didn't hear what you just said. Do you know someone like that?

How about the vague Status Update that is clearly aimed at SOMEONE but it's not identified to whom? Does your paranoia kick in and you wonder if it's YOU they're passive aggressively talking to? Perhaps this is the person referenced above who is famous for flying off the handle and prone to knee-jerk reactions.

Is it just me?????

How do you handle these people? I am actively seeking your feedback.

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Room Fit For Princesses

Okay, so I'm on a little bit of a decor kick lately.

One room I would love to revamp, but I'm afraid to touch because it's already so cute is the girls' room.

E & H share a very small room. If this baby turns out to be a girl, we're kind of in trouble. There's only so much stacking that can be done in their tiny space without dormers and windows getting in the way, you know?

But...if I were dreaming, I would come up with a few things that I think are must-haves in a little girl's room.

Joe and I toured a house once (when we were wishfully looking to move into a bigger house) that had the most beautiful and whimsical "crystal" chandelier hanging in a little girl's room. It was glass flower chandeliers something like what was found HERE.

I think I would have to get one that was a little friendlier to my budget.

And speaking of lighting...I found one that I think would be pretty in my living room. :) It can be found near the alabaster glass replacement found HERE. It's second from the bottom. Most importantly, the price is within my meager budget. ;)

And then...there's still the matter of our bedroom that isn't quite finished.

We bought some bedding at IKEA, but I saw Gold King bedding and then stumbled onto THIS BEDDING and I am reconsidering...especially since I saw the price is slashed.

But...I think I'm going to have to cook it for a bit. Dave Ramsey would most definitely NOT approve and Joe is going to have a heart attack if I keep suggesting new things.

Until then, I'll keep dreaming...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why Do I Dream About Remodels??

When I was looking for photo inspirations for the Board and Batten Dining Room project we did, I found

I chose "Traditional" for my style and fell in love with the very first page of pictures that popped up.

There is not one single thing I didn't like about the kitchens they showed. And the mudroom? Gah. I dream of a mudroom. Which I shared with you here.

Instead, we have one of those "Welcome to our home here's or living room" type entries...which is no entry at all. I guess in 1945 when this house was built it was all about business and getting right to visiting over taking off one's shoes.

So, after the dust literally settled from the dining room project, seeing the pictures at has reawakened my updating mojo. I want to launch into the boys' room next. I'm feeling some more Board and Batten coming my way...

I found these photos. Really digging the slide action in this one...although I envision many broken bones if we add something like this.

Childrens bedroom - full of color contemporary kids
contemporary kids design by los angeles interior designer Cynthia Prizant - Prizant Design, LLC

What about this one? We could fit all the boys and even this baby if it happens to be a about a space saver.

Fun Kids Rooms tropical bedroom
tropical bedroom design by tampa interior designer Studio M

So...I'm dreaming. I don't know that full fledged remodels are in the cards, but I can definitely use these pics as inspiration to work with what I got.

Along with my revamped interest in updating, I hope my wallet gets quickly updated too. :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Batten Down The Dining Room

Hi, All!

It has been a crazy couple of days here at our house. I have had my husband working like a DOG.

And I am sooooooo pleased with  the outcome. YES we are on a budget. Yes, we are participating in a Dave Ramsey program, BUT we managed to eek out a small budget (and I do mean small) to work some magic in the dining room.

Here is a before pic. (Excuse the people in the shot, it wasn't taken as a "Before". I get carried away and start a project before remembering that critical step. Please just look beyond us. :)

So, you get a pretty good idea what it looked like. 

I mean, we liked it. It was really pretty. But we've lived with it for 6 years. We were ready for a change. 

I have always wanted the look of board and batten. I scoured Pinterest and the Internet looking for ideas. 

Finally, after reading 75 million Decor blogs (including Thrifty Decor Chick, Decor Chick and reading every tutorial I could find, and talking about it to Joe for about 3 months or more.....

I got that proverbial hair up my arse and we went to town gathering supplies.

We saved SOO much money buying primed MDF instead of using wood. It also saved us some elbow grease later when we painted. 

And we were SO serious about doing a good job, we even bought a level. That's right, folks, we measured and marked stuff off and stuff. Just to make sure it was done right. ;)

Here are some "during" pics. You know, this is the time when you think it's never gonna get finished...And you wonder if you've bitten off more than you can chew...

Yeah, these are kind of crappy and all the furniture is smashed in the center of the room. NONE of these pictures are taken at the same angle as my crappy "Before" pics, but...

So, after 2 days of working, with breaks to wipe noses, wipe butts, run the kids here and there, make and serve meals, and the occasional bathroom's what we finished with. 

It's not "done"...we have plans for a few additional things, but for now we're pleased. 

And a little celebratory glass of vino afterward. Don't worry...Joe drank both of them. ;)

Joe & I keep finding ourselves going back into the room just to stare at it. Amazing. I mean, it's farrrrrr from perfect, but we LOVE it! 

Because we're so darn proud of this room, I'm linking up on My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.

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