Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year! And All That Jazz.

Isn't this the post where I'm supposed to launch into how wonderful our holidays were and what my New Year's Resolutions are?

I just don't have the energy.

Our holidays were wonderful. I'll give you that.

They were also exhausting.

For 4 weekends straight we got together with family. Often on both days of the weekend.

I love my family. It was just very tiring going here and there.

Add to it the manic Christmas morning with 5 million  toys and 12 lbs of wrapping paper...mixed with, 180-piece gifts the kids received and you'll have a better understanding of why I want to hibernate.

It's 106: in the afternoon and here I sit in my PJs, hair unwashed, face a bland, empty canvas, and I have zero desire to change any of it.

Joe had the flu. Joe gave me the flu. I volleyed between laying in bed and on the couch for 24 hours straight, stopping only long enough to slap together some PB&Js and then crawl back to bed. The kids were pretty much unsupervised that entire time. I'd yell from the couch to make sure our almost 1 year old was okay. But there was nothing, I mean nothing that could have gotten me off that couch.

Not free Coach bags
Not chocolate
Not Jake Gyllenhaal-shirtless or otherwise
...I don't think even a frggin bomb could have moved me.

I was that sick.

It happens about once a year.

And now it's working its way through the kids. I have every confidence that it will work it's way back to moi...just as everyone else is happily on the mend. And then you'll see the fine print of our couch embroidered on my face once again.

New Year's here was uneventful. We celebrated at home with the kids. We made pizzas, had ice cream sundaes and then had a sparkling wine toast at 10 PM. (Maybe even a skosh before 10, but the kids have no idea.) Then Joe and I sat up watching riveting TV waiting for midnight.

It was somewhere during the 20th episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter when I turned to find this:

You're going to have to use your imagination and lean your head to the side...this dadgum picture won't rotate like I want it to and I'm ready to put my fist through the computer screen after trying for 10 minutes.

So anyway...there I am, enthralled by another episode of Beth Chapman's cleavage and 20 foot fingernails, when I look over to say something to Joe...and I found that. What a vision.

We did manage to see the ball drop. And then we went to bed.

Where are the days when we just getting started at midnight?

I'm getting so old. It's very depressing.

Even more depressing...I'm watching the clock to make sure I can post this and STILL get in my nap before the kids come home from school. What's become of me?
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