Friday, April 29, 2011

There's A Little Less Of Me To Love

14 lbs.

Kissed it goodbye!

Never to be seen again.

Don't write, don't call.

Don't go away mad. Just go away.

Even though Easter fell last week, I still lost 1.8 lbs!

Then I got carried away on Tuesday with my Facebook Status Update Post and didn't post about the weigh-in.

I was nervous. I closed my eyes when I got on the scale.

But all for naught!

I'm feelin' good.

I'm almost to my half-way point.

I'll reach that  in 6 more lbs!

And today I am totally sucked into the whole Royal Wedding Craze.

I can't stop watching the footage.

I may not be an actual princess, but I sure am starting  to feel like one. =)

Next weigh-in: Tuesday.

I'll report back then.

For now, I'm breaking the diet for some tea and crumpets while donning an enormous feathery hat in honor of today's festivities.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Type of Status Updater are YOU?


Greatest invention or evil incarnate?

Don't get me wrong.

I love me some Facebook.

Probably too much.

But I don't sit in front of it every moment of the day.

I do this and that and check in periodically.

I think Facebook has done much to lessen my feelings of being an island.

I enjoy keeping up with people and what goes on in their lives in 420 characters or less.

I don't have time or the desire for a lengthy phone call and chances are, I wouldn't be able to hear most of what the other person says, anyway.

But, here's the rub.

Let's wax philosophical for a minute.

What is Facebook, really?

Surely we all saw the movie where Facebook got its start.

It was meant to be a social network for college students.

While I am technically a co-ed, I don't think I'm what Mark Zuckerberg had in mind.

Now, as with everything in our world, it has evolved and morphed into something altogether different.

You now have singles, young marrieds, DINKs (Dual Income No Kids), old marrieds, moms, dads, the creepy, the shy, the socially get the picture.

But what gets me about Facebook the most is the status updates that people choose to post.

Before I launch in, I know there is a "hide" feature so I don't H A V E to read these updates, but I can't help myself. And...I would have almost everyone hidden because everyone at one time or another falls victim to the "annoying status update." (Except yours truly, natch.)

Here we go...and just remember these are just the random ponderings of a stay-at-home who knows nothing about nothing (or so some would have you believe.)

What's your Facebook Status 'Type'?

The world is their oyster...

"My life is wonderful. My kids are perfect. I'm in complete control of my household, my finances, my children, and my figure. My husband is fantastic." And finished up with one of my personal faves,
"Life is good!"

Or the converse...

"My life sucks. I burned my toast. I got a shut off notice in the mail. I shrunk my favorite sweater. My kids are always whiny. My husband is unsupportive."

The unnecessary...

"Got up, ate breakfast (pancakes), showered, heading to work"

Then the follow-up...

"Traffic is a mess. Arrrgh hate I79!"

Airing of family laundry...

[Directed at family member, but without name so as to keep it "private" Notice all CAPS]

The English major...

"What a SUPERB afternoon. Fantastic time at the park. So enjoyed frolicking with the other mommies and watching the children as that's so enjoyable. It's extremely refreshing to live vicariously through them as they grow and explore their environments. Just Fabulous! What a tremendous day!"

The Perfect Parent...

"Just baked 300 cookies for Sally's party, now off to sew the children's clothing and make homemade play doh. I can smell the bread I made from scratch baking in the oven. In a's off to make finger puppets and then re-enact the wizard of oz. But not before composting and tending to the herb garden in the back yard. Plus, got to get that 5 mile run in before I start our 6 course dinner..."

(Granted, I wish I had more time and energy for this type of living, but still...)

The I'm-in-a-crisis-but -still-have-time-to-post-to-Facebook status...

"Jr just cut off his finger. Ohmigod!! We're racing him to the hospital..."

The 'I know more Facebook/texting shorthand than you'...

"LMAO. U R so funny, BFF! IDK how you do it! TTYL!"

The TV/Movie/Game spoiler...

"Can't believe that John DIES at the end of [insert show name here.]


"Arrrgh. Tough loss, Raiders!"

The "politician"

"Of course the democrats/republicans (choose your preferred party) can't get it right, they have so-and-so in office! We'd be in a much better place if they would just get so-and-so out of office and start (insert your believed strategy for making the country a better place.)"

Which then launches an all-out Facebook post debate.

And yet I still love it. For all its imperfections and annoyances...I still love Facebook. I like to creep peruse all the status updates to see what's going on with everyone--even if it's just to roll my eyes.

I think I actually get some kind of perverse joy out of reading some of the above mentioned statuses.

I don't know why.

Some are funny.

Some are pathetic.

And some-as absolutely irritating as they are-spark something in me that lights a little fire-if only for a second.

So go know who you are...keep posting the funny, annoying, inane, mundane, angry, ridiculous crap.

Cuz I'll still be here reading.

Friday, April 22, 2011

L's Guradian Angel

So I'm a little late with this, but better late than never...

I'm taking a little break from the weight loss journal today. I am blogging as part a meme associated with Hearts at Home.

Today's Topic: Have you ever experienced a miracle in your life?

Um, yeah.

5 that I can list right off the top of my head!

There's meeting and falling in love with Joe. Having each and every one of my babies. Being blessed with so many awesome friends. Family I love and adore. (Yes, really!) Losing weight!!! Having friends for over 20 years that I still communicate semi-regularly with. Belonging to a wonderful church with real, down-to-earth people. Shaking the hand of Mark Hall (lead singer of Casting Crowns) when we saw them in concert about a year ago...the list goes on and on.

But there is one story in particular that stands out to me when I hear the word "miracle."

It starts with little "L" (he's almost 5 now.)

If you know him, you KNOW he is FULL of energy. He literally never stops from the time his eye balls pop open in the morning until he passes out every night. He's fearless and tireless-dangerous combination.

About 2 years ago, he was racing R (our almost 6 year old) down the stairs. Our hardwood, uncarpeted stairs. In the process, as you might guess, their feet got tangled up.

I had just walked into the living room and heard a strange sound. I still to this day can't place what it was, but I KNEW that someone had tripped.

I looked over at the stairs just in time to see L go flying--head first--down the stairs.

In mid-air.

with his arms down at his sides, looking like he was just shot out of a cannon, and traveling about just as fast.

And I watched in that split, .2 seconds as his feet started to go up over his head.

I don't think I breathed for that instant--which felt like an eternity and a milisecond all at once.

Then, just as he reached the third step from the bottom (he had started the nose dive at about the 7th step up), he....just stopped.

In mid-air.

And s e t t l e d, gentle as can be, on the steps. On his belly.

I saw this with my own eyes.

I'm telling you that he was FLYING. His next stop was the floor or the closet door that faces the bottom of the stairs.

His trajectory was such that his feet were starting to send him arse over tea cups, if you know what I mean. Literally. I SAW his feet starting to head in that direction.

And then it was as if his angel reached out and put one hand on his belly and another on his back, and set him gently, unharmed, on the step.

Of course, I raced over to him and grabbed him up in to a fierce hug. We held each other and cried on the steps for about 15 minutes.

All I could think of were all the things that COULD have happened.

But didn't happen.

I was so shaken up that I had to call my sister immediately and share with her what happened.

I couldn't get my husband at the time.

It was most definitely a miracle.

I know what I saw and I know that logic told me, even in that moment, that L was in a lot of trouble.

Broken bones were sure to take place. Or worse.

But there we were...holding one another and unharmed.

I truly believe that his guardian angel was there and kept him from getting hurt. And what a job that poor angel must have with L being the kind of little guy he is!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where's The Fire??!

Weighed in today.

-1.4 lbs.

Small victory.

I also got measured.

I've lost 5 inches from my bod.

Almost a dollar bill's worth of flab. Gone.


So far, Jenny tells me I've lost 9 lbs. My new BFF (my scale) says 12.

Either way, I'm feeling pretty friggin terrific.

Tonight at the gym I felt phenomenal.

I was at a different gym than normal for a variety of lame reasons that I won't bore you with, but it was my first time there. (I've had a membership at this gym for over a year and tonight is the first time I stepped foot in it.)

I was on the treadmill, jammin out to JT when all the sudden, out of nowhere, this blaring alarm goes off. It's like the alarms they used in grade school for tornado drills.

You never had tornado drills?

I grew up in the midwest in tornado alley...they were as common as fire drills there.

So, I am immediately freaked out ever since that psycho opened fire at an LA Fitness in Pittsburgh, and here's what I do (in rapid fire motion).

I punched the "stop" button, ripped out my ear buds- tripping over my own feet because the belt stopped so suddenly- and frantically looked around to see which door I should evacuate through.

Not a single person even so much as batted an eyelash.

It took me a minute, but then I realized this must be a common occurrence, this ear splitting siren wail.

Okay, whatever...I put my ear buds back in, started up the treadmill again, and tried to get back into a rhythm. I'd lost all my data, so I had absolutely no idea where I was in relation to time. I had to start completely over.

And I tried not to look at the guy next to me who was probably dying to laugh.

I would have laughed had I NOT been the only person to jump off their machine.

You'd think the girl at the check-in desk would have SAID SOMETHING to the newbie signing in for the FIRST TIME.

Something like, "Hey, every once in a while," (chomping gum, head tilted slightly to the left) "we like to sound the air raid siren, like, just to get everyone's hearts pumping. K? So, don't act like a total douche and, like, jump off the treadmill or anything."

I would have been prepared.

Instead I was said 'douche.'

Pardon that phrase if it offends. was still a great workout.

I feel good, I'm noticing a change and the weight is coming off.

And--glass half full perspective-- that moment of spastic terror only served to burn even MORE calories.

Monday, April 18, 2011

So, Maybe I Jumped The Shark

Down 12 lbs by my scale.

And it feels goooooooood.

(Picture Halle Berry's voice (and her voice ONLY-HA HA) in Monster's Ball when you read that last line.)

I feel so good, in fact, that I bought an Easter outfit yesterday and I may have jumped the gun a tad in the sizing department.

I tried it on today and it might be just a skosh too snug.

BUT, I know that soon it won't be.

Insert smiley face.

So, my dilema now is do I keep it and *hope* it fits by next week or do I exchange for what fits now?

Feel free to weigh in (no pun intended).

I know what Clinton and Stacy would say.

Tomorrow is weigh in day.

And I get to make my own menu for the first time.

Why does that make me nervous??

Speaking of menu...

I survived another torture session barbecue yesterday.

We went to some friends' house and I watched as everyone devoured hot dogs and ham burgers straight off the grill.

I had Jenny's cheesey chicken enchilada with rice.

And salad.

(And shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone, butI also had a few potato chips.)

Every time I eat salad now (which is about every 5 minutes it seems) my kids say,
"That looks like leaves."

It doesn't matter how many times I tell them it is leaves.

Try explaining that to little kids.

I'll be back tomorrow. Hopefully with a great weigh-in.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Ol' Bait & Switch

I have a little bone to pick with Jenny.

Ms. Craig to all but her closest friends and family.

Here was my dinner for tonight:

I am not the biggest fan of beans. The chicken, though, looks yummy. So, I made up my mind to enjoy the meal. I've liked all but 2 meals so far, so I figured this one would be good too.

Plus, I'm starving to death.

I peeled off the cover and here's what I found:

To say I was disappointed is an understatement.

To say that I wanted to rip the refrigerator door off is better approaching how I felt.

So not only am I still hungry, but now I have gas to boot.

And I have that silly 'magical fruit' song in my head.

This is the first meal where that 'Restaurant Menu' phenomena has happened.

You know what I see the picture in the menu that makes you say, "I want THAT!"

But then your food comes and it looks NOTHING like THAT.

For all my troubles this evening I'm going to have to add a glass of wine to my late snack.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This Is Fargin War

Did you recognize the title from Johnny Dangerously?

I'm declaring fargin war on the playroom.

Here is My Playroom/Office

And here's a another view of this beautiful room:

It looks like someone had a brawl in there.

M likes to overturn the chairs and drop everything he picks up. Anywhere and everywhere.

Joe and I had called a moritorium on cleaning it for a few days.

In the hopes that the kids would get the hint and clean it themselves.

That's funny.

Our kids don't pick up on subtleties.

It remained this way for days.

Until today...

I rolled up my sleeves and strapped on my hard hat.

I ended up getting rid of 2 garbage bags of crap and rediscovered the floor.

Here's an "after" shot.

I claim victory.

There so much darn room, L was able to do cartwheels! Here he is in action.

And I've almost met my calories burned goal, to boot!

You know, I used to scoff at those moms who said they stayed in shape simply by chasing their kids around.

I am no longer scoffing.

I believe it.

Now that I can see with my own eyes how many calories are burned just by doing my normal everyday stuff, I'm amazed.

Turns out those moms weren't lying when they said that...but they also weren't running through McDonald's drive thru every day or eating an entire sleeve of cookies as a "snack."

I'm learning here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

25% Of Me Is G-O-N-E

Okay, so that isn’t entirely accurate.

But I AM 25% to my weight loss goal.

And that feels pretty terrific.

I weighed in today.

Jenny says I am 8 lbs less of the woman I used to be, but my scale (and I heart my scale) says -10lbs.

I’m going with mine.

I think it’s more accurate because I don’t tend to weigh in at the center wearing my birthday suit, like I do at home.

NO ONE needs to see THAT.

Plus, I consider my nudie rudie weight to be the “real” one anyway. Who’s going to challenge that?

Got my work out on at the gym tonight.

It felt so good. Jammin’ to some Green Day and Dixie Chicks. I know, eclectic.

It was all good, except I had some nosey guy to my left who kept looking at my screen. I don’t know if he was looking at my speed or time or what, but it was annoying.

The girl 2 treadmills down kept looking at me too.

Was I lipping my music too loudly?

There’s always that fear too that a little toot will break free.

Hee hee.

It happens.

Just ask the guy next to me a few nights ago. I think he'd eaten a combo of garbage, dirty diapers, and garlic for dinner.

I bought some new running pants.

Because I’m every bit the athlete now.

Sure, it’s only been 3 weeks and 10 (8) lbs, but I’m feeling it.

My pants are wicking pants. They “wick” the moisture away from the bod. I wonder if that will hurt or help when I get going too fast and piddle a little?

Gosh, way too much truth in this post tonight.

Hey…look at this.

 Doesn’t that kick arse?

If you don’t understand it (or don't care to read it), let me just give you the abbreviated version of what all that data is saying.

It says I rock.

It says I will be a smokin’ hottie in no time.

Maybe before my 34th birthday?

Well, I’m off here for now. I’m “cheating” a little tonight and having a glass of wine.

Gonna catch up on some much needed hang time with the honey.

Until next time…

Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh Food, How Do I Love Thee...Let Me Count The Weighs

I swear, I have not been to as many events in my life combined as I have been these past few weeks.

(Nevermind the mathematical impossibility of that statement.)

Events with fantabulous things like nachos drowning in cheese.

Soft Pretzels.

French fries.

Hot Dogs.

And there I was yesterday. Forlornly passing tray after tray of this greatness on to the rest of the family.

But it's okay. I just wiped away the tear and pressed on.

Ha ha.

I was a little sad, but it's all worth it.

Besides, I had my trusty apple with me. JUST as good as all those other things.

I think I've lost another pound or two and I weigh in tomorrow, so I don't want to ruin my chances of a weight loss this week.

Plus, I cheated a little the other night.

I had 1 chocolate chip cookie (a small one, I might add. It felt more like a chocolate chip crumb) and a small glass of wine. I was still right around my calorie intake for the day (and a little more relaxed!)

Well done.

*patting myself on the back.*

I've been working out on the treadmill at the gym and even upped my time by 5 minutes, so I'm walking/jogging for 45 minutes now. Actually working up an impressive sweat.

And as I was leaving the gym yesterday, I saw a dog in the car in front of me. I stopped and stared at it for a minute, trying to determine if the window was open or not.

Finally, I decided  just to get out and look.

Yes, the window was open, but it was a HOT day yesterday. I had my window down, but it was still hot as hades in my car.

I don't get it.

Who puts their dog in the car to go to the gym?

I think it's cruel.

I also think it's cruel to manufacture all that crappy processed food that sticks to out arteries and makes us fat.

All the foods I unfortunately love.

...Back tomorrow with my eight in results!

Friday, April 8, 2011

It Was A "Meh" Kind Of Day

It's been a craptastic end to a "meh" kind of day.

And expensive.

Our dryer just took a swan dive and decided to stop heating up. I ran the same load of clothes 3 times yesterday. First, I blamed Joe for not starting the dryer after he loaded it, then I thought I was going crazy and forgot to start it myself.

Off we trotted to Lowes. We scored a great deal on a clearance item, but still cost $500.

That hurt.

I can think of so many much more fun ways to spend $500.

Then, when we got home, Joe was supposed to run in, change clothes, and we would drop him off at the gym.

We pulled in to the driveway and Joe (who was driving) jumped out of the car immediately. Seriously, we were still moving when he threw his door open and was halfway out of the car.

And we kept moving.

It took me a split second (which felt like a year) to realize that he hadn't put the van in park when he got out.

It all happened so fast: I yelled to Joe, and with cat like quickness, slammed the gear shift in park, and watched (and listened) helplessly as the front end crunched up against the stone wall that lines our driveway.

By this time, Joe had already jumped back in the van and was wildly punching buttons, stomping on peddles, and gripping the steering wheel. (Amazing how all common sense goes out the window in that situation.)

Then, I don't completely remember what happened.

Joe got out to assess the damage. I didn't want to look, but I did.

The corner is crunched in and scraped all to high Heaven.

The sweet periwinkel minivan looks l like it got into a bar room brawl.

Joe apologized about 800 times.

I'd like to say that I reassuringly answered that it was only a car, no big deal, we can get it fixed, yadda yadda yadda...

Instead I yelled, "damn it!" and pouted about having to now drive a junky, piece of crap car.

From the back I could hear R and L chattering on. R said: "L, I thought we almost got died."

If I wasn't so royally ticked off, I would have laughed at that.

Instead, I fumed.

And then...I cheated.

I did.

With about 7 M&M's.

And you know what...Im okay with that.

I could have eaten the entire bag (and it was a FAMILY SIZE bag.)

But I didn't.

Baby steps.

Plus, I have lost a total of 9 lbs (by MY scale...Jenny's is a little less forgiving) so far and it is feelin' good. And in only about 2 weeks!

I figured I earned those M&Ms!

But back on the strict regimen tomorrow.

Oh...I forgot to tell you...the other night, I woke up in the middle of the night to find my left arm-the one I wear the Body Bug on (the monitor I have talked about HERE)-was TOTALLY asleep. As in I couldn't feel it or move it. I panicked. I punched Joe with my right arm and begged him to massage my left arm. He was so helpful. He told me to "go like this" while flexing his hand. And then rolled over and went back to sleep.

I looked down at my arm and it looked like Johnny Tremain's hand (bonus points if you recognize the Johnny Tremain reference.)

I tried to do exactly what Joe did. In my mind I was flexing super fast, but my fingers barely moved.

I was starting to panic.

Finally...what seemed like hours later...the feeling slowly crept back in to my hand.

I think I had the Body Bug on too tight.

This losing weight thing may end up killing me yet!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Like Babs Said...It's Like Buttuh

Verdict is in.

I weighed in tonight.

Down 1.4 lbs.

I'll take it.

Even though I somehow feel like a failure.

My friend (you may know her as Supah) has reminded me that 1.4lbs is several sticks of butter worth of fat.

And it probably was actually several sticks of butter.

I think the main reason it bothers me that it's only 1.4 lbs is because weight gain and loss is so negligible. I could gain or lose a pound on my own-without totally depriving every naughty craving I have.

Well....on further reflection...I guess that isn't really true or I wouldn't be where I am today.

I know, I know...patience and it takes time, blah blah blah...

Patience isn't really my thing.

I reminded myself today that it really shouldn't be the number that motivates or inspires me. It should be how I feel and how I look.

It should be when I can fit into those jeans stuck in the back of my closet that I haven't been able to zip since 2006.

I am so extremely hard on myself.

And I want it so badly I can taste it.

And it tastes like pepperoni pizza.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Pepperoni pizza.......

Actually, I can't complain.

This food is really good.

The portions are even starting to fill me up.

Well, that and about a pound of broccoli with every meal.

And while it's GREAT to feel full, there is a down side to that...

Broccoli tends to make you very gassey.

And I'll stop right there.

You're welcome.

You've already heard enough about my fear of and issues with veggie gas in this post.

Tonight...late night at the gym.

I like it best when it's almost empty.

Then I can feel free to rock out to my music.

And less self conscious about what may be jiggling while I'm rocking out.

My menu kicks boo-tay this week.

I get to have things like cinnamon rolls and french toast for breakfast.

Yes, you read that right.

Jenny and I have come to an understanding.

She knows I need me some sweet stuff.

Can't wait till my outside matches how I see myself in my head. That skinny girl longing to break free.

Can't wait to introduce you all to her!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Full Moon At The Gym Yesterday

So my confidence is growing at the gym.

Meaning I don't care what anyone thinks of me while I'm there.

Okay...not completely true...but Im caring less.

I have a routine:

Arrive, make a beeline for the bathroom (even if I went before I left home, the ole bladder isn't what it used to be and I can't risk that while on the treadmill),

adjust my clothing so I feel the least amount of fat, lumpy, etc.,

put my iPod on, get some good music playing,

head up to the treadmill (careful not to make eye contact with anyone-I've learned that people don't really smile that much at the gym. I don't get that...I thought working out increased endorphins???),

get on the treadmill, enter my weight as quickly as possible so no one sees, and begin my workout.

I stare at the TV screens hanging in front, alternating between Real wives of Whatever, CNN, and "Men who Murdered Their Wives" on another screen. I have to say, none of them are particluarly inspiring.

Yesterday I was minding my own business, mentally choreographing a dance to Christina Aguilera's "Stronger" and something caught my eye.

A girl working out at one of the machines down below was settling herself in to do some back leg presses (I'm sure that's not the proper terminology...) and as she settled her stomach on the bench, I stood-- well walked-- stunned. I could not tear my eyes away. I felt like such a perv.

She was wearing short, black running shorts...which were OBVIOUSLY not lined...and...this makes me cringe...a black thong. It was horrifying. Because of how the light hit her shorts, and the material they were made out of, it was like she wasn't wearing any bottoms at all. I was embarrassed for her and for myself. Although there was a brief moment when I was thankful for the grannies I always wear. They may be ginormous, but at least they cover what I got.

So, there I was, stuck on the treadmill, staring at this girls hiney. Thankfully, she moved on to another machine pretty quickly.

So, lesson of the day...wear lined bottoms at the gym. Or full cut undies. There are some assets that you don't want to flaunt so publicly.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Odds & Ends

I skipped a day of posting. That wasn't my intention. I've had the wind knocked out of my sails the past couple of days, and I didn't feel very funny.

But it was actually a good test. I didn't run for comfort food.

Yay me.

The family and I spent an awesome day together today at a couple of museums.

Our oldest (5) was afraid of the dinosaurs in the museum because he thought it was going to be like on Dino Dan--dinos running amock everywhere. We had to basically force him in until he saw that it was nothing like that.

We came home to find our "Live Insects" had arrived. In a tiny little cardboard box.

3-5 caterpillars for our Live Butterfly Garden.

R has been begging us to get this since he saw the commercial on Sprout 572 times in the last week. It was cheap, so I agreed.

Now I am totally grossed out.

I haven't opened the box yet, despite the "Open Immediately" label plastered on the outside.

We're hoping they aren't dead.

It just seems so wrong to not only be inviting larvae in my house, but to actually be pay for it.

So here I sit. It's after 9pm and I am just now eating my dinner. It's cashew chicken. And it has an odd smell that could be a deal breaker for me. It smells like a bed that has been peed in.

Don't ask.

The diet is going really well. I was even able to maintain it today while we were out and about all over creation. I just took my food with me.

I survived the treats we bought the kids.

This is no small task. If you know me, you KNOW I have a sweet tooth. Or 32 of them.

If someone were to look, I'm pretty sure they'd see the letters M&M in my DNA.

Dinner at the in-laws the other night included desserts of peanut butter cookies with hershey kisses, sugar cookies, and angel food cake with whipped cream.

I had exactly none.

I got all excited today after all the walking at themuseum and on the treadmill. My calorie count was too low and I had visions of "having" to eat a cookie to "even it out."

But Lucky for me, when I input my dinner, it was a moot point.

I weigh in Tuesday. Cannot wait.

I've promised myself that come a 20lb weight loss or Easter (whichever comes first) I am treating myself to NOT 1 but 2 Cadbury eggs.

Because I Heart them with a capital 'H.'

Now I'm off to watch a movie with the hubbs and squeeze in some school work. Not sure how that's going to play out. I'll probably end up asleep before the opening credits roll.
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