Monday, November 28, 2011

Welcome To My World

Allow me to walk you through my wonderfully craptastic day...

Actually, it started before today. The past few days have been pretty awful.

R (our 6 year old) got his fingers slammed in the hatch of our minivan Saturday evening. He's okay but it was traumatic for all of us.

My father-in-law had a heart attack Saturday night. Talk about someone's life flashing before your eyes. I pictured hm holding our kids and how sweet he is. The absolute fear and uncertainty is overwhelming.

Sunday Joe was (rightfully) at the hospital most of the day. I am draaaaagging because of first trimester exhaustion. I am D-O-N-E. I have nothing. I'm out of gas. And here I am with these 5 maniacs barking out order after order. And it's just me. Alone. Hold me.

Today, Joe was up early and at the hospital again (again, rightfully so) and then left right from there to work until 9 pm tonight. That leaves me flying solo. Again.

This morning E (our almost 4 year old daughter) told me she wished there wasn't a mommy in our family.

Yes. I cried.

Then my 5 year old son (L) told me he loves me even when I'm yelling all the time. Which, apprently, I have been doing.

Today I had someone unsubscribe from the newsletter I write for my community. She didn't even try to be tactful or constructive with her harsh words. She wrote: Reason for Leaving "Ugh. Messy format, amateurish writing. And...hello? Spell-check! Sorry, you asked."

I especially like the "sorry" part at the end. Cuz that makes it all go down so much easier.

It seems I'm encountering so many people lately who are just...obnoxious.

I was all proud of reminding myself to wash the boys' guis for karate tonight. I shouldn't have patted myself on the back too soon since I forgot to turn the dryer on. There they were sopping wet when I went to grab them 10 minutes before we had to walk out the door.

I fought with R to wear sweat pants instead. He finally gave in and got dressed. I raced around, woke our 2 year olf up from his nap (which we ALL know is a sin), got the baby dressed, threw on coats, got on shoes, and grabbed the baby ready to head out  the door.

I reached in the drawer to grab the keys when.....wait a minute.....where are the keys??

Not in the drawer.

My husband had them last. I texted him at work.

He didn't know.

I pursued it further with him...Where are the keys?

He had no clue. it is now 5 after 4 (class starts at 4:25...40 minutes away) when I have to officially announce that we are not going to karate.

There's crying and tantrums and loads of bad attitudes. A little the kids, a lot me.

I angrily texted Joe. I'm trapped in this house with 5 demanding kids and one mama who is ready to explode.

I've had it.

I need a break.

And I can't even have a glass of wine to unwind after the kids are in bed. Son of a...

What do you do when you just need a break? When there's no one to take the kids and give you those few precious hours to yourself?
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