Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Strike-Vacation- and a Dog

I sit here in a much better frame of mind since my last post.

I have promised myself that even though things are looking up I won't forget the important lessons we learned because of the situation we were in a couple of weeks ago.

My husband was on strike.

It sucked.

We were without a paycheck for 15 days.

It might as well have been 15 years for how it felt.

Especially since we had absolutely no idea how long the strike would take.

Even though I was ready to jump off a cliff, I did meet some amazing and terrific people. We banded together and worked things out to help one another.

It was a wonderful feeling and one I hope I don't lose as we get back to business as usual.

Anywho...we decided to take a little minivacay to see my family who live by a large body of water. Our kids had never been to the beach before, so it was awesome to see their little faces as they splashed around in the water.

It was also so nice to reconnect with family and friends I haven't really talked with in years.

It was a balm to our wounded souls.

And now we're back to reality and back to work.

This could happen all over again in a month, but let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Oh yeah...and we got a dog.

Because I don't have nearly enough poop around the house to clean up.

He's a stray and he's wooooonderful!

His name is Dexter...after my fave television serial killer.

And that about sums up our week.

 Strike-vacation-and a dog.

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