Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Charge{er} It!

I am totally hooked on this new crafty/DIY thing.

After linking up to Thrifty Decor Chick's Before & After Party (and having almost 300 people --in ONE DAY!!--visit my blog and read about my kitchen makeover!) I have found a new love.

I have always loved my home and try to make it as attractive and homey as possible. But I didn't really think I had a "knack" for it. Now I'm realizing that if I like the way it looks and my family feels homey and happy in it...that's all that matters.

Yesterday was like Christmas in August at our house. Whenever I watch shows like Cash in the Attic or any other makeover show on HGTV, the designers come in and "find" a bunch of stuff in the homeowners' home and they repurpose it for other projects. I always think to myself, "That's a load of crap. That was either planted or the designers knew it was there before-hand. That kind of thing never really happens..."

Well...I stand humbly corrected. It happened at our house yesterday.

I was given a small dresser by a neighbor recently. It's hideous in all it's 60's splendor. It's been used for the past 40-something years and has all the cobwebs, scratches and dings to prove it.

I loved how it looked though. Despite the weird pulls. The "handle" was along the bottom of all of the drawers and it went the entire length of each drawer too. Weird.

I knew I wanted to paint it, hack off those old handles and put on new hardware, but I really didn't want to spend much money on doing it.

My husband and I were hanging out in the garage when we re-discovered all the gallons of paint the previous owners left behind. About 15 gallons.

All different colors.

One of the gallons had never been opened and never was black.


That is exactly the color I wanted to paint the dresser.

Not only that...we found the paint to our front door (which we've decided needs a new paint job after 6 years) and to the living room (which is a faux finish that we will never be able to duplicate). It was amazing.

That dresser project is yet to come. Hopefully tomorrow when the last coat of poly dries.

Today though...I present you with a new project I am working on...

I have 12 gold plate chargers. I bought them for a Christmas themed dinner at my church. I was responsible for decorating one of the tables. The dinner lasted 2 hours, but I have these chargers for a lifetime. I really don't want to get rid of them or throw them away...they're kind of pretty.

But I have NO IDEA what to do with them.

Before you suggest the obvious...we don't use fancy plates here at our house. Considering at least 2 kids end up winging or "accidentally" knocking it off the table at every using them for their intended purpose is not happening.

Here's a pic of one.

 Remember I have 12 of these...they're slightly bigger than a dinner plate. I don't have to use all 12 of them, but it would be nice to use as many as possible.

I'm willing to paint them or Modge Podge them (whenever I figure out exactly what Modge Podge is, Ha!)

But cutting is out since I don't have those kinds of tools.

I am willing to glue them to some kind of board or somehow affix them to something to hang on the wall......just not sure how to go about all that.

I took some inspirational pics off Pinterest.

Here are a few:

You can find  this photo on Pinterest HERE

You can find this pic HERE on Pinterest

And this one is HERE on Pinterest.

 I'd really love any feedback/suggestions from those of you who know more about this type of stuff than  I do (so...about 99% of the population!)

But keep in mind that I am a little craft challenged. I can spray paint with the best of them, but as far as painting delicate or intricate designs...well, that's a little above my pay grade, if you know what I mean.

I welcome your input. Thank you!!
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