Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anatomy of a Date

Joe and I did the unthinkable Saturday night.

We went on a date.

Without kids.

We were almost as giddy as on our first date.

There was the usual deliberation of where to go (and what's still open since we haven't been on an honest to goodness, bona fide date since the Bush Administration.)

We settled on PF Chang.

We announced to our server that we were on our first date in forever without kids. Just to warn her.

Yes, we were that couple.

We ate our body weight in amazing food and I drank 4 glasses of wine. Ridiculous. (and no, I wasn't driving.)

Then, to commemmorate the event, we decided to snap a quick pic with Joe's iPhone.

Unfortunately, we got a wonderful shot of the hostess stand since we forgot to reverse the camera.

By the FIFTH shot, I think we got it.

For your viewing pleasure:

We both cracked up when the iPhone's interrogation SPOT LIGHT flash went off. 

Joe's "CHEESE"

All of Joe's chins showed up for this shot. And what's up with my flaming cheeks??

My cheeks are still flaming...but I think we got it.
Mission Accomplished: Date Successful!
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