Friday, July 15, 2011

Full Moon, Migraine & The Ice Cream Man

It's a full moon.

That may explain why my kids have been running around like banshees and driving me crazier than usual.

The ice cream man has it out for me. I think he sets his watch to when my kids nap. And then drives by our house--no joke--three  times in a 10 minute period.

And he does a cool 30 when he drives by. I hope no kids run out to buy ice cream. He'll never see them in time.


Yesterday was a full moon too. And one reason I think I had such a horrible migraine that I kept having distorted vision in both eyes.

How old am I??

I talked about it with my optometrist at my last appointment. She told me I could either buy reading glasses or get bifocals.

Did you hear that? It's the sound of my youth screeching to a halt.

I can't bring myself to buy reading glasses and bifocals are out of the question.

I may have lost my figure, most of my memory and all but a shred of my sanity...but by Gosh I will NOT give up my contacts.

Instead of nosing toward the higher end of my "30's" (now that I'm 34) I think my bod has sprinted on ahead--racing toward 40. And to that I say: Where's the friggin fire???!

And while we're talking about being sick with kids (we were, weren't we?) it is NO fun trying to coerce a 5 year old to rub your shoulders. It just doesn't quite pass muster.

I've even begged them to drive their cars on  me. They just end up getting the wheels caught in my hair.

Can't win.

Another full moon today. Will we make it? I can't speak for the ice cream man...I think I hear him rounding the bend again.
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