Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Facebook--The Land of Overshare

I find reading Facebook is a combination of amusement and an exercise in frustration anymore.

If I could offer Facebook-ers one valuable piece of advice, it would be to proofread their posts. Not just for spelling and grammar, but for idiocy.

I was looking at a local theme park's page recently and there were so many complaints...about the storm that forced the park to cancel the 4th of July fireworks.


Since when is it the theme park's responsibility when there is a thunder and lightening storm?

And there are always those who start/continue/feed into/fan the flames of some kind of political debate.

It's not so bad when someone has something remotely intelligent and valid to contribute, but just throwing out a 'STFU' and then name calling isn't considered valid in my book. I think it just shows their true colors: ignorant.

I watched a whole group of people get into an argument over the Casey Anthony trial.

I've seen people air their dirty laundry about friend and family disputes.

Some put every ailment and sickness they've ever had as their status update.

Others constantly bemoan their financial status.

For others I know absolutely every move they and their family members/children make throughout the day from their morning tinkle to their child's every adorable saying. I know when the laundry is done (or isn't), when the dishes are stacked up sky high, and when they mow their lawn.

I know every meal some of you have eaten, right down to the last spice.

I go on shopping trips with some of you or join you when you dine out--complete with pictures of your drink and/or entree.

I get to be at your election when you're voted "Mayor" of someplace.

I am party to every music video you like.

I know your travels from the time you leave your home until you arrive safely at "Home."

My favorite--the elusive status update like this one from a friend the other day: "This is the worst day of my life. And NO I don't want to talk about it." just wanted us all to know?

I know, I're probably throwing out a "STFU" to me at this point.

Eh, you're entitled.

I actually might even deserve that STFU because I myself engage in some of these actions!

Maybe I'm just crying out for an Intervention.

I found a nasty carrot in my bag of carrots the other night. No kidding--it looks like a pinky finger.

Feast your eyes on this:

What did I do?

After I got all grossed out and showed my husband...I immediately posted a pic of it [this very pic, as a matter of fact] to Facebook.

See? I'm just as guilty!

I put stuff that my kids say all the time.

I don't so much do the food ones since I don't cook, but I've been known to make political comments from time to time.

But here I sit in my Ivory Tower, casting stones...and every other cliche you can think of that means I'm a hypocrit. I acknowledge it! I own it!

And it's so much more fun to blog about it. Because, obviously that's so much different than posting it to Facebook.

You recognized the sarcasm in that, right?

So...what is it? The draw to oversharing and TMI on things like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs? Why do we do it? Do we really think anyone cares about the mashed potatoes and gravy we had for dinner or little Bobby's potty training status? Apprently I do because I share all of that kind of stuff right here with all of you!

Why do you do it?
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