Monday, June 6, 2011

That's Right...It's My Birthday. And WHAT A Day It Has Been!

Dear Diary,

Today is my birthday.

In my wildest dreams (to me) that means that I should get to spend the day leisurely reading, getting a mani/pedi while thumbing through magazines, watching mindless TV, and drinking something fruity with an umbrella.

The reality of the situation is that I have 5 babies and a husband who works--not to mention that b**** Jenny won't let me have anything good-- so there will be nary a fruity drink in my immediate future.

Instead, here's how my day has gone so far:

7:30 am: Joe woke me to say goodbye, he was headed off to work. Mwah!
7:45 am: I finally rolled out of bed after a long (or short) night with H coughing up a storm from 3 am til who knows.
7:50 am: Went downstairs to find gorgeous pink flowers and two of my fave guilty pleasure magazines waiting for me on the dining room table, along with a sweet bday card.
8:10 am: Ran through the house like a mad woman getting R's "Letter Person" costume together, getting everyone dressed, getting R fed, packing the diaper bag, changing diapers, etc...
8:25 am: Raced down the road to school pushing the double stroller with kids dangling off of and out of it.
8:30 am: Made it to school with mere seconds to spare, breathless and sweating like a pig (and mortified when I realized that I forgot to put on deodorant that morning.)
8:45 am: Watched Little Man parade through the school's hallways in his Letter Person costume with the other kindergartners.
9:00 am: Hoofed it back home.
11:10 am: R finished with school for the day.
11:15 am: Bawled like a baby looking through a little photo album his teacher made of his kindergarten year.
11:50 am: Loaded everyone in the car
12:00 pm: Doled out McDonalds to everyone; 4 Happy Meals sure to be on the floor in a matter of moments.
12:05 pm: Set out to drive 30 minutes to spend exactly 10 seconds picking something up.
12:10 pm: Called Med Express to ask if my Herpes could have traveled from my stomach/side/back region to my lip area. Doc says that it's possible and to start taking my prescription again (the one I DIDN'T FINISH because I suck.)
12:40 pm: Turned around after picking item up and headed back the opposite direction to deliver item to someone else.
12:45 pm: Told E to stop singing so loud.
12:49 pm: Told E to stop singing so loud.
12:52 pm: Told E to stop singing so loud.
12:53 pm: Yelled at R for yelling at E about singing so loud.
12:54 pm: Yelled at E to stop singing so loud.
1:03 pm: Told everyone to be quiet and go to sleep.
1:05 pm: Resigned myself that no one was going to be quiet OR go to sleep.
1:28 pm: Pulled into meeting place only to realize a split second after putting the van in park that I was at the wrong place.
1:31 pm: Texted person I was meeting to tell them I am an idiot.
1:32 pm: They agreed.
1:45 pm: Friend showed up and delivery is made.
1:55 pm: Back on the road toward home, hearing Willie Nelson faintly in the back of my mind.
2:30 pm: Lips begin itching and burning miserably.
2:45 pm: Pulled into MedExpress parking lot...this has GOT to be looked at.
2:55 pm: FINALLY got everyone wiped down, put in strollers, and into the building. Realized with frustration that the food was just as much on M's shorts as it was on the floor of the van.
3:10 pm: No joke...Finished up in the bathroom--everyone not in diapers had to go, including yours truly. One had to do #2...Lord, I swear...ALWAYS in a public place!
3:30 pm: Physician's Assistant saw me...shined light on my face while looking skeptically at the fungus around my lips. He said he thinks it's impetigo, but not sure so "we'll try some cream."
3:40 pm: Doctor came in the room. He looked at my face with the light, studied the bumps around my lips, and made a quizzical face. There's some chin tapping and then he said he thinks it started out as cold sores that got infected. Cold sores, he said, can be caused by....stress. Of course, they can happen because of sickness too and most of us have recently gotten a cold (and, as you know, the baby has croup) but I think we both know what the culprit is, Diary.
3:50 pm: Got prescription from pharmacy. (The SAME pharmacy where they thought I had genital herpes.) Can't WAIT to smear it all over my mouth.
4:05 pm: Started the arduous task of getting everybody loaded back in the car. That included wrestling M in his seat because he flat out refused (he's 2.)
4:15 pm: Smeared cream all over my mouth.
4:20 pm: Nearly took it on "two" getting pulled out onto extremely busy road.
4:30 pm: Pulled into the driveway to find 4 beeeeeeautiful balloons waiting for me in the front yard. (Thanks, Sal!) compliments of my Mother-in-Law.
4:35 pm: Collapsed in the house.
4:36 pm: Promptly fired 4 chocloate chip cookies in my mouth in rapid succession. It's my birthday, after all. And Jenny can kiss my newly 34-year-old ass.

And here I am at present time. Not exactly my dream birthday, but whatever. I'm learning that our life is anything but expected.

Here's a little snap shot of me on this my Bday. I took the liberties of "narrating" it.

Here's looking at 34!

And another of our youngest guy trying to be funny (and succeeding!)

I'm looking forward to the next year with excitement...and hopfully less stress and sickness!
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