Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Jenny today.

Not the greatest weigh in ever, but I'm not going to complain.

The verdict? Up point 2 lbs.


It's not what I've eaten.

It's Mother Nature.

I had to take all 5 with me to the appt today.

I listened the whole drive to L & R discussing who was the better fighter: Super Man or the Zombie Hulk. Both extolling the virtues of each.

Then there was a yelling contest and a "Who can drive mom crazy first" contest.

It was a 5 way tie.

At the meeting, they all played nicely in the waiting room while I had a lightening fast weigh in and grocery shop.

As I was leaving, there was a woman waiting in the lobby where all the kids were.

She raised her painted-on eye brows and said, "This is good birth control right here, sitting out here with all 5 of them."

I think my face said it all because a girl who works there quickly said, "They were sooo good, though. I even heard one of the boys ask his sister if he could 'please' play with her toy."

Clown brows obviously had no idea she was messing with Mother Nature today.

Luckily for her, before I could embarrass myself or her, she was whisked back to the scale.

It was everything in me not to say, "By the looks of it, honey,  no need to worry about that."

Isn't that mean? I'm ashamed I even thought it. Sometimes the hateful in me just comes out.

People today are just amazing.

Joe and I parked on one of our side streets last week for a soccer game at our high school's football field.

The only parking lot is up above and we'd have to carry both strollers down the metal stadium steps.

So, we did what all 5324 other spectators did and we parked on some of the back streets.

As we were loading the littlest kids in their strollers, a lady in a minivan hesitated as she was driving by. Joe, thinking she was being cautious because of the kids, waved her past.

And she proceeded to gun the engine, stand on the gas and speed past us. With all the kids right there.

She parked all of 5 car lengths in front of us and then walked back toward us.

I said, "Excuse me, ma'am. Were you just driving that blue van?"

She said yes.

"Is something wrong?" I said, making my best 'you're an idiot ' face.

She then went on to yell at me for parking on the road when she lives right there and she's tired of parking "a million miles away" from her house (which has no driveway.)

My answer: "I didn't realize this was private parking."

It's not.

It's not permit parking either.

It's called city parking. It's called what happens when you choose to live in a boro with crappy accessibility to the only high school field.

What do people in wheel chairs do when they want to go to the game? Do they get yelled at too for inconveniencing the homeowners on that road?

I just wonder if they stood outside and yelled at every single other car owner who dared to park on that public road that day.

My other fave people run-in the other day? I was walking into Giant Eagle (our second home) and passed by a woman smoking. Standing right next to the "No smoking within 5 feet" sign.


Maybe they can't read and they take the picture of the cigarette with the universal sign for "No" on it as a directive to "Smoke Here."

K. That's it for me. I'll come back when I can play nicely.

I'm having one of those "You! Off my planet!" kind of days.  

I'm not really this mean. I'm just blogged that way.
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