Thursday, June 2, 2011

BBQs, Croup & Herpes

What a week.

Memorial Day proved to be fun, fast, and exhausting.

Lots of time with family & friends.

A great couple of days BBQing and spending time at the pool. 

LOTS of sun.

And food.

Ahhhh my nemesis (and BFF) food.

Who barbecues low calorie?


Didn't think so.

I ate, BUT I'm happy to report that I also was mindful of WHAT and HOW MUCH I ate.

Instead of a PAN of brownies, I had half of one.

Instead of HALF a cookie cake, I had a HALF of a PIECE of cookie cake.

That is HUGE progress for me.

I had 1 glass of wine the entire weekend.


And still managed to pack on a few pounds!

Then...Tuesday is my designated Jenny day.

It didn't happen this week.

The baby has croup and her older brother has a cold complete with gross, green stuff coming out his nose.

You're welcome for the details.

Hey, I figure if I have to wipe it, the least you can let me do is tell you about it.

And in shingles news...they are almost all gone.

But I have to tell you a funny story about getting my prescription filled.

This was weeks ago.

I went immediately from Urgent Care to the pharmacy next door to have my script filled.

My prescription? Valtrex.

Sound familiar? It's because of those clever commercials where you see two attractive individuals making eyes at one another. Then a narrator's voice pipes up informing you that one of them has Genital Herpes.

The answer? Valtrex. would appear the virus that causes Shingles is one in the Herpes family. I the pharmacy. I hand over the script to the pharmacy tech. She reads it over.

Then I say, "Should I be grabbing anything from the shelf?" Meaning Calamine lotion or the like.

She looks at the script and then walks over to show it to the phramacist. The two quietly confer and then it hits me...they think I have genital Herpes.

Once I realize this...I quickly yell...and I DO mean YELL

"I have shingles!"

I swear both pharmacists let out a relieved breath. The one said, "Oh...nope! You're good with this here."

We all shared a nervous giggle and went about our business.

So that's it in a nutshell.

BBQs, croup and Herpes.

It's been a full week.

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