Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When "Half-Assed" Is A Good Thing...

I was all set to march into Jenny's today and tell them I was taking myself off the meal plan--as far as buying their food, anyway. I still want to visit every week and weigh in--that's built-in accountability--but the food is a bit pricey (and honestly, getting boring) after 9 weeks.

Little did I know that I am contractually obligated to buy their food.


Joke's on me.

So much for my chest pounding. Looks like I will still be buying their food, but less of it.

The good news? Bacause of all my shingles business last week and some events that kept me away from home, I stll had QUITE A BIT of food left from last week...and STILL managed to drop 2 pounds!

So what if Jenny's (cruel, hateful) scale said I only lost .8...I'm officially half way to my goal now.

It feels good.

I also have lost a total of 9 inches from my bod. Naturally, most of it was lost in my bust (the place you would prob most like to keep it, but whatever...)

My belly? The bane of my existence? It will be a while before many noticeable inches are lost off that.

But I feel different. And that's what matters.

And I have plans for this bod in the next couple of months. I am determined to wear a bathing suit at least by August and not wish the earth would open up and swallow me whole.

Lofty goal...
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