Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Imagine My Surprise

I was all set to begin today's post with "Even Steven" or something like that, my utter and total amazement, I ACTUALLY LOST .6 LBS THIS WEEK!

Thank you, Jenny.

For once, her scale was kinder to me than mine!

Woo hoo.

I know I scoffed at my .5 lb weight loss before, but down is down, no matter how you shake it, so I'm choosing to celebrate.

I would have been happy with "even," but this...this is

I also managed to get them to allow me to wean off of Jenny breakfasts.

As much as I love this process, the meals are starting to get a little pricey for a family our size.

Instead, I bought egg beaters and I'll get a whole grain cereal from the grocery store and that saved me about $30.

I'm only about 4+ lbs away from my half-way mark (according  to Jenny's scale) and then I get $50 off!

So, that bemoaning post from last night is starting to fade a bit from my memory.

Do I still want to dip my face in a bowl of chocolate or wear a feed bag of Doritos around my neck?

Of course.

But at least I am still seeing progress even when I struggle.

There is nothing more inspiring or potent than seeing success-even baby steps to success.
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