Friday, May 20, 2011

Holy Shingles

Here's something I found on

Prevention [of shingles]

Avoid stress that may lead to future breakouts by exercising, getting enough sleep and finding outlets for anxiety such as writing in a journal or Internet blog or talking regularly to friends or a therapist. The Mayo Clinic also recommends quiet, calm activities such as reading, listening to music, doing tai chi or finding another hobby. (Read more:

Basically, I'm screwed.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the ridiculous prevention suggestions.

I've been exercising.

I NEVER get enough sleep because of a minimum of 1 child in bed with us every night.

I already blog.

And...quiet, calm activities?

Yep. I'm destined to a long life of puss-filled, crusty shingles reoccurences.

Today I was thinking about stress and how I must not handle it very well- have never handled it well and must not be wired to handle it well.  And was reminded of the insane things that have happened to me in the past as a result of stress.

When I was very little I used to wake up sometimes with a horrible stomach ache. For no reason. It would take hours to go away. My mom would make me tea and rub my head until it passed.

I used to wake up also with severe anxiety. Of course I didn't know that's what it was called at the time, but it was a terrible fear that I couldn't shake.

I had an all-over body itch for a year solid-right before I got pregnant with M (2008). No rash. Just an insatiable itch. No change in detergent or soap. Nothing to explain it except stress. Just an itch that only increased the more I scratched.

Right after E was born (in 2007) I experienced a visual disturbance and then sudden blindness in one eye. I called the on-call doc who told me to go immediately to an ER and be checked by a neurologist.

Naturally, I couldn't go because Joe was still in the hospitality industry then and couldn't leave the restaurant. Thankfully, my full vision returned within minutes-followed by a headache.

I went to see my optometrist and asked him about the episode. He explained that it's called silent migraine. It's brought on guessed it....stress.

I asked him what I could do to keep it from happening again.

His astute, educated reply?

"Calm down."

Really? Hmmm. Why didn't I think of that?

And now shingles.

I think this could be God's subtle way of telling me to settle my arse down.

I'm not sure how to do that.

But I'm working on it.

Once again, feeling this tightly wound reminds me to be the support to other moms who are hanging by a thread like I am. Only a mom who's been there--or is STILL there--truly understands.

I think it's up to us to be there for each other. Even if it's just through email or Facebook messages.

Otherwise, bad things happen like this morning...Joe and I ended up in a passionate, hateful argument over chicken.

I feel like I'm all jacked up on caffeine when it's really just nerves stretched to the breaking point.

I hoo, right?

Are you playing your violin.

Rest matter how much my whining might annoy you, it annoys me more!

But here I am--following's advice to blog my stress away.

They didn't say, however, how to blog while blocking out the screaming, fighting, and door slamming drifting up from the basement.

Or how to quiet every thought in my head that's screaming to send the kids into next week, compliments of the end of my foot.

Deep breaths.

Serenity Now.

In. Out.

This too shall pass.

And all those other crappy cliches...
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