Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where's The Fire??!

Weighed in today.

-1.4 lbs.

Small victory.

I also got measured.

I've lost 5 inches from my bod.

Almost a dollar bill's worth of flab. Gone.


So far, Jenny tells me I've lost 9 lbs. My new BFF (my scale) says 12.

Either way, I'm feeling pretty friggin terrific.

Tonight at the gym I felt phenomenal.

I was at a different gym than normal for a variety of lame reasons that I won't bore you with, but it was my first time there. (I've had a membership at this gym for over a year and tonight is the first time I stepped foot in it.)

I was on the treadmill, jammin out to JT when all the sudden, out of nowhere, this blaring alarm goes off. It's like the alarms they used in grade school for tornado drills.

You never had tornado drills?

I grew up in the midwest in tornado alley...they were as common as fire drills there.

So, I am immediately freaked out ever since that psycho opened fire at an LA Fitness in Pittsburgh, and here's what I do (in rapid fire motion).

I punched the "stop" button, ripped out my ear buds- tripping over my own feet because the belt stopped so suddenly- and frantically looked around to see which door I should evacuate through.

Not a single person even so much as batted an eyelash.

It took me a minute, but then I realized this must be a common occurrence, this ear splitting siren wail.

Okay, whatever...I put my ear buds back in, started up the treadmill again, and tried to get back into a rhythm. I'd lost all my data, so I had absolutely no idea where I was in relation to time. I had to start completely over.

And I tried not to look at the guy next to me who was probably dying to laugh.

I would have laughed had I NOT been the only person to jump off their machine.

You'd think the girl at the check-in desk would have SAID SOMETHING to the newbie signing in for the FIRST TIME.

Something like, "Hey, every once in a while," (chomping gum, head tilted slightly to the left) "we like to sound the air raid siren, like, just to get everyone's hearts pumping. K? So, don't act like a total douche and, like, jump off the treadmill or anything."

I would have been prepared.

Instead I was said 'douche.'

Pardon that phrase if it offends. was still a great workout.

I feel good, I'm noticing a change and the weight is coming off.

And--glass half full perspective-- that moment of spastic terror only served to burn even MORE calories.
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